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Watch 2010 Latest Movies Online for FREE at

It's a lonely boring day, the dvd rental shop is closed and you dont have enough energy to visit the nearest cinema hall. So, what you do now? Download latest movies over the internet and watch them? Oh Yeah! Seems like a good idea! You hurridely open your computer, search google for downloading free movies, you land up on a site, and just when you click "Download" the website starts asking for money, credit card details, where do you live, and how many dogs you have, etc, etc. Being frustrated and rebuked you close your computer, and go off to sleep. This is called waste of energy, time, and in some cases, money.

Isn't there any solution to this problem?

Yes, there is! A couple of months ago a new website has been launched, it's name is Gingle ( Now what's new in that? The answer is everything. Unlike other movie downloading websites which charges you 15$-16$ for downloading latest flicks and 8$-9$ for downloading older counterparts, Gingle does'nt charge you anything!! Nor this site asks for any user registration, etc.

For downloading movies what you have to do is to just visit Gingle, go to download section, select your movie, and click the download button, save the movie to your computer and when download completes kick back, watch and relax!!. Can there be anything more easy and simple than that?

Gingle has the best aspects of a movie website:

1- NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED - Perhaps the first good reason why anyone should download movies from gingle. So, say good-bye to those websites which require you to enter your credit card details and deprieve you of your hard earned cash in the name of downloading movies.

2- LATEST MOVIES availiable - The Second best reason for downloading movies from gingle. Gingle ensures that it's users get quality, free latest hollywood movies for download free of cost, so dont be surprised to see latest hollywood flicks on it's download page, just after 2-3 days of their release.

3- NO ACCOUNT, NO FUSS - It is normal for people to forget their username or password, so for added bonus you dont even have to register with them, recieve their news letter etc, etc. Put into another words, visit,click,download and enjoy!

4- NO ADS - like other websites filled with advertising, popups, animation ads, etc gingle gives you a respite with it's clean looks and no ad policy.

5- CAN'T FIND? REQUEST THEM - You cannot find your favourate movies? request for them in the movie request form, and see them added for download.

6- GINGLE TOOLBAR- Gingle wants it's users to be updated with the movies being added to Gingle, so it provides a nifty toolbar known as "Gingle bar" this toolbar is a lightweight toolbar which not only provides you alerts on the new movies being added but also provides you links to the movie download section. The toolbar requires atleast FireFox 2.0 or Internet Explorer 6.0 (default with Windows Xp).

So, always remember that movies can always be downloaded from

And do tell about it to every idiot who goes around saying "Movies cant be downloaded for free from the internet"! - that's what we believe in!

Watch 2010 Latest Movies Online for FREE at

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