Wastewater Treatment Services - An Overview

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What is wastewater?

Wastewater is water which has previously been used by either a household (domestically) or business (industrially). As a consequence of the water use, the water will need to undergo wastewater treatment services prior to reuse. This is to ensure that any potentially hazardous contaminants are removed, and the water is restored to its original state.

Wastewater is comprised of urban wastewater, industrial wastewater and rain water. Typical wastewater contaminants include human waste, oil, chemicals, food and other forms of water pollution.

It is important to ensure that wastewater is adequately treated prior to being released back into the environment, as certain chemicals and types of bacteria can be harmful (both to humans, animals and the environment as a whole.)

If contaminated water or other pollutants were to enter the natural environment, damage could be done to humans, animals and the natural world. A prime example of water contamination having a direct impact upon the natural world is in the case of an oil leak. When an oil leak occurs, this often makes national and international news as it is essentially considered a 'natural disaster' due to the detrimental effects upon the environment. One notable oil leak crisis of recent times is that of the 2010 BP Deepwater Oil Horizon Spill, located on the Gulf of Mexico. This notable oil spill continued for a lengthy three months and received huge amounts of media coverage.

An entire industry has been built on the treatment of water and as you'd expect, it is big, global business.

What exactly is wastewater treatment?

As mentioned, wastewater is often contaminated with chemicals and types of harmful bacteria. Companies will need treatment services to be deployed in order to treat the water and in turn, return it to the original, reusable state.

The treatment of wastewater is an environmental solution as it allows for the recycling of water and helps reduce the levels of polluted water which our environment is exposed to.

There are several different wastewater treatment processes, including physical, chemical and biological treatment methods. The process used depends upon the specific application.

Who requires this service?

Such services are required by many different types of business, spanning various industries. Essentially, any process which involves the use and/or re-use of water will require some type of on-going wastewater treatment to ensure that the water is returned to a clean and safe state.

Typical industries in need of wastewater treatment services are:

Domestic (Household)
Industrial Effluent
Process Water
Oil and petrochemical
Produced water
Food & beverages

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