Warning! Check Out This Yamaha YPG635 Before Buying

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Considering the talk about its grand piano splendor and cutting edge digital piano technology, we definitely had to check out Yamaha YPG635 for ourselves.

With 88 weighted keys plus full keyboard fingering mode, this keyboard is as identical to an upright piano as it can be. It is heavier in the low end and feathery light in the high end.

Players can simulate any kind of performance environment from a small music room to a large concert hall feel, with thanks to the digital effects which includes 29 top quality reverb and 24 chorus effects. For even better effects, there are 26 types of Harmony and 64 notes of polyphony.

Yamaha YPG635 comes with not just speakers, but Stereo speaker system featuring bass boost and digital signal processing. This is one more feature that truly add the 'umph' to your performance on the keyboard.

Yamaha YPG635 offers not only more musical instrument sounds, effects and legitimate piano feel. It also has rich and vibrant sound quality that are typically absent in other keyboards in the market. Creating your own music is made less complicated with the 6 track sequencer for recording your own music, 2 USB ports and general MIDI compatibility.

Yamaha YPG635 and Yamaha DGX 630 differs in model numbers but they mean precisely the same keyboard. The different model numbers are solely for Yamaha's own use to indicate their different distribution channel - either music shop or wholesaler such as Costco and Walmart.

Yamaha YPG635 comes along with these functions

88 key weight digital keyboard for an legitimate Grand piano like touch
Actual piano playing style with Full keyboard fingering mode
Lyric, chord and notation display with automatic page scroll
Yamaha Education Suite with 100 songs for learning
2 way stereo speakers
6-track recorder
Optional LP-7 3-pedal unit
Digital effects: Concert hall ambience with 29 reverb plus 24 chorus effects
Realistic sounding voices: 130 panel voices, 12 drum/SFX kits plus 361 XGlite voices
64 notes of polyphony
Volume control
Headphone jack
USB Connectivity - 2 ports for recording and playing back MIDI files
General MIDI compatibility
Decorative wooden stand, PA150 adapter and sustain pedal included

Does Yamaha YPG635 Meet Your Needs?

Yamaha YPG635 has the elegance, features along with wide range of sound selection that best befit an intermediate to advance level invidual and professional.

That being said, the features as well as possibilities with music in Yamaha YPG635 are extremely encouraging for any aspiring pianist.

If an upright piano is not within your budget or you are restricted by area, this keyboard presents the best answer, with hardly noticeable trade offs in sound quality.

Music teachers highly recommend Yamaha YPG635 because of its legitimate Grand Piano touch minus the Grand Piano price tag. Virtually any students will absolutely love to have this keyboard to play on.

Read existing reviews

N.J. Simicich,
This keyboard sounds just like a piano, within the limitations of its speakers. The sound quality are superior to certain upright piano and you do not have the inconvenience of needing an action tuneup.

For a advanced keyboard, the controls are really intuitive.

I downloaded songs in Standard Midi Format onto a Usb usb drive, connected the flash drive into the piano and it was capable of playing all of them as a midi player.

It had a more natural feel than some of the real pianos, with regards to reliability along with level of smoothness while still being weighted appropriately.

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Investing in musical instrument is costly, so make the right choice. Click on piano keyboard to read actual user feedback before you commit.

For more information about Yamaha YPG635, click the link.

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