Warhammer Jungle Fighting and Scenario

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Lizardmen dwells not just in a simple jungle. They dwell in a territory of mortal fantasy with horrifying slayers haunting them beneath the thick canopies and bushes in search of prey. The Lizardmen temple- cities are magnificent architecture built to go with the plans of the mystifying Old Ones. Treasures can be found within these temple- cities that there have been many expeditions attempted to filch such treasures. The jungle scenery has been reintroduced with scenarios that set in deadly borders of Lustria.

You may use whatever appropriate method you may find to set up a terrain set in the jungle of Lustria. It is better not to place too much terrain in the centre of the table and it looks best when jungles are clustered on the edges of the table. This will give an impression that a battle is taking place beneath the jungle canopy.

Jungles are considered as woods, as referred in the Warhammer rulebook. The jungle of Lustria are occupied with thick trees and any kinds of plants. Some areas of the jungle grows densely that passing through is impossible because of the trunks of the trees that pushed in between that even a light can hardly pass through. The jungle of Lustria is also a home of horrifying beasts and carnivorous flora. Thus, if any unit starts to turn within 6" of an area of jungle will experience D3 Strength 4 hits. Skirmishers are specially trained for this terrain. Thus, they are already immune to the rule.

Athough Lustria is consist of dense jungle, it was once became a home to a continent- spanning empire. The Junlge Ruins are the remains of the existence of the empire. It consists of ruined temples, monuments and sites of arcane mystery that awaits the explorer while he battles through the undergrowth. A Lizardmen sentinel oversees the artifacts within. Jungle Ruins provides hard cover and are difficult terrain. Additionally, Scouts may settle in ruins in spite of their distance to their enemy.

Pyramid Temples are counted as Fell Ruins and it is described in the special chapter of the Warhammer rulebook. It consists of steps and the temple itself is located on the topmost step. Sacred crypts and chambers reaches through secret tunnels can be found on the other steps. The pyramids contain sculptures and paintings that depict the aspects of Lizardman mythology.

The Place of Power is counted as an Arcane Monolith, and it is being described in the Special Features chapter of the Warhammer rulebook. Places of Power can be found in the temple- cities situated above the jungle canopy in the misty darkness. The wide tracts of jungle are marked by hundreds and even thousands of sacred sites by the relics of the Old Ones. Most of the sites occupy lesser nexus points and others serve vague reasons even to the Mage- Priests.

Lustria consists of rivers and waterways ranging from Amaxon to the streams of Qureza and to the Mosquito Swamps and no one can avoid being getting his feet wet at this point of journey. This consist the Jungle Rivers. Crossing the river or stream is counted as movement through difficult terrain. Aquatic models can cross downstream without being penalised.

The last terrain is the Swamps. Swamp is counted as a difficult terrain and every unit that enters a swamp should take an armour save. A warrior increases its risk when having more armour, thus each armour save passed a model is removed as a casualty. Models with no armour at all are quick enough to avoid the dangers.

So what are you waiting for, try these jungle scenarios and see if how your army can survive. And if you do not have yet your own Warhammer models then what are you waiting for?

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