Warhammer - The Emperor of Mankind

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The Warhammer 40,000 is a space fantasy setting that consists of a vast fictional universe. It has various races which includes the Imperium of Man, the Orcs and the Eldar. The races and their playing rules are covered in the game's rulebook and supplementary army codexes. The Warhammer 40,000 setting is not only used in tabletop games but as well as with video games and on different works of fiction.

Knowing the beginning of Warhammer is one way to fully understand the game and it settings. One of the three major races in the game is the Imperium. The Imperium is being led by the Emperor of Mankind. The Emperor of Mankind is being described by the Imperial Ecclesiarchy as the Father, Guardian and God of Humanity. He have been on the Golden Throne of Earth for ten thousand years, however when he was still alive his body can no longer support life and remains to be intact through the support of soul- sacrifices of countless millions and he has sacrificed his immortal life in the service of Man. To Mankind he is nothing less than a god, through Imperium he had held mankind together and formed one of the strongest races in the galaxy. His leadership was extensive and cruel.

At the present day, even though he is no longer directly involved with the operations of the Imperium the presence of the Emperor of Mankind at the Golden Throne is essential to sustaining of the Imperium for he sustains the Astronomicon. Astronomicon is the Emperor of Mankind's psychic aura derived from his Golden Throne. The aura can be seen by ship navigators, thus it enable people to travel through the Warp. The Emperor of Mankind is believed to be guiding his race the Emperor's Tarot and believes to be constantly fighting Chaos and prevents the material universe from intrusion.

With the current setting the Emperor's history and origin subsequent to unifying Terra has been left mysterious. The Emperor was first mentioned at the Imperial records after he had unified the Terra during the end of the Age of Strife. It has believed that he had been immortal and ancient even before his ascension to the Golden Throne. He is also the first and the greatest of the race of psykers and known as the New Man.

The Emperor has guided and oversees humanity to develop before he became the Emperor of Mankind thousand years before. He had seen the extremes of human nature were feeding the Chaos and he started to seek peace and harmony, thus leading into the creation of the Chaos of Powers. Because of this the Chaos Powers had distinguished the Emperor as their greatest enemy amongst the intellectual races in the galaxy.

It was only during the Age of Strife that the Emperor became known in gaining control in the future of humanity and conquering the other factions and established his rule over Earth. The first Space Marines was created by the Emperor with the help of Adeptus Mechanicus on Mars. The Space Marines was created for the Great Crusade that would unify mankind into one Imperium. The Primarchs were also created by the Emperor in which the Space Marine's genes were developed. Primarchs and the Space Marine Legions were united during the Great Crusade and while the Emperor travelled across the stars there were some that worshipped him however all he wanted was to enslave humanity and free them.

The Emperor of Mankind created the beginning of Warhammer. More of the Emperor of Mankind and the Golden Throne and Imperium at WaylandGames.co.uk.

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