War on terror.

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If I was the president of the United States in the present times I would use a very different approach in addressing the issue on war and terror. The phrase "war on terror" is not often used since America cannot win terrorism by the use of military means alone as terrorism is not against an organized enemy who has set out clear identities and has a set of objectives that are coherent. I will cautiously handle the issue with one thing in mind that the war on terror will not be resolved with an overwhelming single blow but this war will demand international cooperation and extreme patience. It would be my duty as the president of the United States of America to ensure that war on terror is not misguided and I would take the holistic approach in addressing the issue on war on terror as the emphasis today seems to be directed on the shutting down of the Al Qaeda cells in existence.

I have a very strong believe that terrorist threats must be taken seriously and as a country we would not have any choice but to increase our investments in countering terrorism. As the president I would also make an effective responsive in relation to the modern day terrorism and not just concentrate on enhancing our capabilities on counter terrorism but also I would ensure that that as a country we are prepared to face up to the mistakes we have made in the past. I would use the holistic approach in approaching the issue on war on terrorism.

My approach to war on terror
In the holistic approach to war on terror I would mainly focus on the 3Dapproach which entails diplomacy, defence and development in pursuit of security objectives of America as a country. This approach will be designed as a strategy which will build its victory's on the long term, medium term and even short term. I would initially fully embark on diplomacy and encourage peaceful negotiations with the relevant parties through an open discussion or dialogue. If this fails I will the further employ the defensive measures that will ensure the security and also the safety of my country's citizens. I will take all the necessary measures and prepare my country such that incase of any form of attack my country will be ready to counter the same attack accordingly.

I will then employ all the security measures as I ensure that the country's security is not threatened at any given point. Personally as the president of the American people I would also make efforts in ensuring that there are very effective defenses against any international terrorism especially if it is targeting my country. After which I will focus on those particular countries that which harbors and host individuals and even groups that advocate, finance or even arm these groups thus supporting terrorism instead of stopping it.

Also as the American president I would fully pursue the whole-of-system approach in handling the issue on terror which promotes democracy, the human rights and the rule of law and also good governance. To begin with I would establish democratic practices and institutions civil liberties and also political freedom to all the American citizens. I would also unsure that I rule with justice and exercise my power as the president with a lot of democracy. Similarly I would ensure that my government is not authoritarian since authoritative governments provoke a lot of grievances which buds regimes that are safety valves for all the collective anger. After the September 11th attack in America I would have declared the war on terrorism and the battle fields of this war would extend to wherever the terrorists run hide or even plan. Fighting terrorism in a fully democratic country like America has been and will always be a challenge since the actions taken by the American government on countering terrorism may be perceived differently by the public in general who would view it as an infringement on their human rights. I would also tighten the country's security at the border points, the air ports, the ports and any entry points to the American land. I would be very strategic in presenting my plan to the congress so that I would get support from the majority of members of the house.

I will prepare a proposal plan which will effectively and strategically address the threatening issue. First of all I will make it clear that as a nation whether we get involved in solving longstanding conflicts or we don't involve ourselves at all we will still attract anger other nations who are not our allies. I will present a proposal that will encompass the diplomatic actions that we as a country should take in dealing with war on terror. Similarly the proposal will also outline the ways in which as a country we will defend ourselves in case of any form of attack from the terrorists and also how we will handle any terrorist threats. (Chasdi, 2002)
In my proposal I will greatly emphasize on dialogue among civilizations which will further help in promoting the intercultural harmony and further diffuse the terrorism based on hate. I would also put across the fact that as a super power America needs both the military and police actions in combating the threat of terrorism internationally. The key points in my proposal would be the strengthening of the defensive shields that are territorial by the establishment of the multi yard system. I will also emphasize on the fact that the country's improvement on its intelligence capabilities which is a major force multiplier.

Chasdi, R. (2002): Tapestry of Terror; A Portrait of Middle East Terrorism, 1994-1999. Lanham, Md, Lexington Books.

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