Want To Use The Best Skin Crme For Men, But You Don't Know How To Find One? Then, Read On

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Have you ever heard of a man -- a regular Joe pounding the pavement -- boasting that the skin care product he is currently using as the "best skin crème for men?" This is an unlikely scenario and you know it.

Aside from the fact that the members of this gender are less inclined to talk about skin care products even among their peers, most of them are simply clueless as to how to find really effective male skin products.

Undeniably, the majority of such merchandise is still being developed for the benefit of the ladies, but that does not mean that the ones for the gentlemen are ineffective. This only means that one should learn some basic truths about how to find the best skin crème for men.

After all, even the ladies still need a bit of help choosing the right products to use. So if you are seriously looking for a few male skin products you can use, here are a couple of tips for you.

1. Skin is skin - no matter what gender you belong to

It does not follow that just because you are a man means that you have impenetrable skin. And it does not follow that the products that you should be using are the ones with the longest list of chemical ingredients and artificial preparations.

Needless to say, choosing such products for daily use is a surefire way of damaging your skin, causing them to blotch, peel and even permanently discolor - or worse.

It is essential to look for certain ingredients that can help lessen wrinkles, remove the dark circles around your eyes and even soothe shaving burns. Some of these ingredients should include: copper peptides, hydroxyl acids, kinetin and retinol.

These are essential for restoring the health of damaged skin, for exfoliation, for stimulating collagen development and for increasing the supply of collagen in the skin, respectively.

2. Since you now know that men's skin can be as easily damaged as that of the ladies, some of the ingredients you should be on the lookout for are: alcohols, acrylamides, dioxanes, fragrances, mineral oils and parabens. These are the ones that cause the most damage to the epidermis, which unfortunately enough, are seen in many skin products recommended for men.

The term fragrances and mineral oils are ingredients that can range anywhere from sweet smelling butane to artificially enhanced petroleum oils -- all of which can clog the pores and cause all manner of complications like acne breakouts, discoloration and even encouraging the development of carcinogenic (cancer generating) cells.

Therefore, any product containing these should be quickly discarded.

3. Having a few natural ingredients in the skin care products would be beneficial too. Some of the really great ones are: Capaucu butter (natural moisturizer that penetrates deeply into the epidermis without leaving sticky residues,) Manuka honey (great for razor burns and sealing off possible irritants); Wakame (also known as Phytessence Wakamen, a rich antioxidant source); and witch hazel (the best natural astringent and has healing properties too.)

To cap it all off: the best skin crème for men is not the one that contains the most chemicals, but rather the ones that contain a good balance between chemical preparations and natural ingredients. Although this list is not complete, this is basic info for men trying out skin care products for the first time.


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