Want to Make Your Face Look Younger? Here's How

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There's good news for older women who want to look younger, but aren't sure how to apply makeup to get this result. They often try to turn back the hands of time by applying too much makeup in an attempt to "cover up" the signs of aging, or they will wear less makeup, hoping that it will sink into their wrinkles and make them disappear, but it only makes them look older. You don't have to change the amount of makeup you wear if you follow some basic makeup application tips.

This may not seem like a makeup tip, but it's extremely important that you begin by keeping your skin in good condition. Wash your face twice a day with a good, quality cleanser, but cut back to once a day as you get older. Your skin gets drier or changes texture as you age, so it's important to change your skin care regimen to accommodate these changes. Consistently apply a good, quality wrinkle cream. Your skin's overall condition and texture will improve when you drink plenty of water. Taking care of your skin makes applying makeup easier to apply, and it will look better on skin that is supple and smooth. You'll look younger overall because your foundation isn't sitting in the wrinkles.

Next, remember that as you age, you'll need to make some adjustments to your makeup regimen. Foundation suited for a 20 year-old won't necessarily flatter you in your 40s and 50s. You can still apply color, but you will have to be careful how you do it, especially if your skin is getting paler or sagging a bit. The makeup counter at your favorite department store is a great place to get tips if you find yourself shying away from color. A makeover is even better. And don't feel obligated to make a purchase if you don't want to.

There are going to be some products that you wouldn't think of using when you were younger that you should consider now. A little filler on the lips or some concealer under the eyes are such two products worth considering. You should also think about adding primer before applying foundation so that it goes on a smooth surface. This is what makes primers such amazing products.

The importance of adjusting how you apply makeup as you age can't be stressed enough. It doesn't matter if you wear more, less, or the same amount of makeup, you'll still need to make new selections in the type and color of makeup you use. You might decide, for example, to skip lining your lips before applying lipstick and use lipstick by itself because lining your lips now highlights those bothersome wrinkles that are starting to appear above your lips. Or because skin tends to get drier as you age, you might find that you need to use more moisturizer than you did when you were younger.

If you want to look younger and feel better about yourself, it's vital that you learn how to apply makeup correctly as your skin ages.

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