Want to know about Voice over Internet Protocol?

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Why should one use Voice over Internet Protocol Technology? Each company should take advantage of this technology. It is upto the company to decide whether they should adapt new technology or go in for traditional analog system. But if the company adapts new technology it can create new opportunity. VoIP is offering you the same exact service but in a different way. Each phone call will still reach you, just as always. The only difference will be that signal will travel in a different way; through broadband Internet.

There are a few differences between analog and VoIP phone services:

VoIP is cheaper: You won't pay per minute, so you will know exactly how much you'll pay each month. Bill will always be less than what the phone company charges.

Other features: Voice over Internet protocol offers features like caller ID, call forwarding at no extra cost, while other phone services will charge extra for these services.

VoIP can be used only through Internet Connection. If you don't have one, you can use this phone service.

Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows voice communications through the Internet. Many small, medium and even larger corporations are changing to VoIP service for business communications. Here are a few perks a business can enjoy once they switch to VoIP:

*If businesses call from Internet their area code is disregarded. Through Voice over Internet Protocol businesses can save lot of money. Some providers even give unlimited calls to anywhere within US and Canada.
*Some of the features of this service are extensions, call management functions, Internet fax and voicemail. All of these features let you have a single communications control center which you can access through the Internet.
*Your VoIP number is portable to anywhere that there is an Internet connection. It is not limited by physical distance or any area code. This ability gives you more freedom to take your calls wherever you go, even outside of the country.

One of the major advantages of internet is it provides VoIP Service. It is nothing but a standard telephone service that provides real value to the user.

*Being a new technology, it's not perfected
*There are various VoIP Companies today which will be gone tomorrow.
*This service will not work without internet connection
*Never rely on Voice Over Internet protocol phone line for 911.
*VoIP is the future
*Due to this service, long distance is getting cheaper day by day.

Things required for VoiP are servers, routers, high speed digital service, wiring, high speed network within the enterprise and VoIP telephones. One major advantage of this service is it offers low cost which leads to savings for end users.

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