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Articles that start out about music professional like that usually get a lot of readers and cause tons of controversy. Things that are taken as sexually related usually do. But the joke here is on you if you were thinking dirty. I was actually talking about guitars. You see with technology and the changes therein have come a lot of good and some not so good things. Colour choices that are both good and bad. Some a little off the wall and some pretty bland, but hey, tastes in things change. One well-known guitar maker introduced a guitar that actually tunes its self. Now that is a change I can live with. It feels the vibrations and robotically tunes its self.
The problem that I see with that, and call me a devil’s advocate but what about when that breaks? You paid a lot of money for that added feature and looking for music professional. While you are arguing with the guitar with that feature you could have had your old standby Les Paul tuned and done with the next song and saved some money in the process. Yes I know you could always manually tune the robot guitar, but after spending for that feature I believe it might upset me to the point that I was more interested in seeing why it wasn’t working than on thinking about tuning it I. But hey, that’s just me.
Other things that have to do with service market place and music professional and technology are quite the opposite. I would not trade my Pro Tools system for anything. Well, at least not until there is a power outage and the session I was working on for the last four hours goes away because I was too stupid to back up the session as I went or the battery back up on the PC was weak and it died. Sorry folks, it’s been that kind of a week here. So the reason behind this article is that all too often we as creative types get a little too hung up on what technology can do or having to be totally politically correct about everything. Both of those situations will stifle your creativity beyond belief.
So let’s all spend less time worrying about what will happen if we buy or do that and concentrate on locating the best creativity within our craniums and translating that into some phenomenal music professional. If we can do that then the whole world is going to win and place for us all.Oh yeah, and I was referring to my blonde 1964 telecaster, in the title, by the way.

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