Wanda McKiver and her Creations

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This talented girl is wooing her fans by a wide range of food for thought. Her concerns primarily being domestic violence, suicide and molestations, Wanda McKiver has taken up the challenge of arousing the world that has bee lulled to sleep by complacent principles of equality and modernism.

Through her heart rendering pieces of prose and poetry Ms McKiver has set on a mission to incinerate the roots to broken families and strained relations.

The year 2005 was the first milestone of Ms McKiver’s career when she first released her first novel The Black Rose Diaries. This tale of three women depicts the toils most African-American women pass through. The readers would in fact find Wanda hiding behind her characters; that though seem fictional, is actually real life images of someone or the other. The book as raw as flesh and blood passes the message that Wanda has for her readers – life isn’t a bed of roses and surviving with real facts is not an easy task. What is more important is how Wanda McKiver presents this daily life in its simplest form splicing up the two far ends of facts and dreams.

Domestic violence has since long been the daily bread some women ate. Though marked by a soft voice, Wanda showed great temerity in opening up these shunned doors wide and showing the world what went inside the homes of these people.

Her next creation took the thread forward and once again touched a seemingly petite issue of neglectful household in the book called Beautiful.

And if this wasn’t enough for her audience the very next year Ms McKiver came up with a timeless musical stage production, The Grandmas; that contrastingly spoke of dreams and hope. The drama however had episodes of stereotypes that lay unfortunate on most of the characters and also on the readers actually.

Ms McKiver never rustled the same recipe, though she has the same ingredients always; and thus the year 2008 tendered appetites of poetry lovers. She presented her audience The Meltdown that spoke of love and emotions. The Meltdown was staged in a theater of New York.

Ms McKiver has always been inspired by people and to large extent from her own life that went past her. The most commendable thing about her is the courage and the strength she has mustered up for herself and her vision to help people to learn from her mistakes without committing them, by themselves. The most beautiful part of her writings is that just like the matter, her style is also real. She has initiated a great move to embed all her fellow people with feelings of humanity and love.

Resource Box: Wand McKiver is the colored girl from New Jersey, and has taken the lead in addressing current social issues that touch most African-American lives. Wanda McKiver talks of usual stuff ‘unusually’. Her characters are fictional yet real. For more information visit www.wandamckiver.com

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