Wall Paintings

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Painting is an art that has been prevalent for ages with an old history. Centuries back people used to paint the walls to beautify their homes and to protect their walls from insects etc. The art continued to flourish through years and years and today it has properly become a part of the interior decoration. These wall paintings have a unique significance. When we look back on the walls of the ancient civilizations they give a reflection of their living, tell important stories about them and their culture. These paintings have been an important mode of communication among the men before the proper languages were discovered.

Not only the walls but ceilings have also been painted in different colors and designs to enrich the buildings. The most important of these patterns were drawn on the ceilings of the Chapels and the Royal palaces. The paintings that were made centuries ago still stand beautifully today reflecting the hard work and creativity of their painters. Michelangelo was a great painter whose work is recognized and cherished all over the world till today. His skill was unmatched and the way he portrayed it in his paintings was fabulous.

Painting a wall is a difficult task and conveying all the thoughts of the mind on the wall requires much skill and experience. Painting it on the ceiling is a still much more difficult task. Kings of the ancient times employed the most skilled painters to do paintings in their palaces and huge gifts were given to them on finishing the tasks. The works of these men is so beautiful and unparalleled that people of today now visit these places and admire it.

The wall paintings are mostly done on the location according to the wishes of the costumers. You can ask the painter to draw any landscape or theme of your choice that suits your surroundings. But you must make careful choices about what has to be drawn where. In drawing rooms any landscape or classic theme would look good. But such a theme will be a total disaster for a kitchen. However in kitchen a wall a painting with fruits or cutlery would be a good idea. Similarly if you are designing a room for your kid’s paintings of dolls, balloons and teddy bear would do a nice job.

Also selection of color is important. Choose lighter themes for your bedroom because they give a nice soothing look. However if the bedroom is capacious you can give a try to painting the wall with red or the black background. In smaller rooms the lighter colors do best. Matte paints are in vogue they do not reflect light and the viewer can easily enjoy their themes. Emulsion paints sometimes also add to décor and can be used in the passages where greater cleanliness is required. Water based paints do well at places which are out of reach of people so that they stay longer and look beautiful.

When you have to get your wall painted make sure that you are using an experienced painter. Bad painters can create a real mess on the walls. Besides make sure you have a proper theme, good quality and adequate quantity of paint. If you have taken all the necessary precautions you can be sure of having a real good wall painting at your home.

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