Wall Painting-- hat kind?

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There are different kinds of wall paintings to suit one’s preference. Those who buy art online do not just look at which they find pleasing to the eyes. An artist may like an abstract painting which an art lover cannot appreciate. A person who sees more than colors and shapes and its accompanying beauty will love a painting based from his understanding of each kind.

The works of renowned artists like Sonia Delaunay and Jackson Pollock are called abstract painting. It does not clearly paint shapes to represent particular objects. This is a combination of different strokes and most of the time of different contrasting colors which speak of the artist’s emotions. This kind of wall paintings is usually preferred by people who want wall décor with modern touch to match the room. This can be usually seen in office setting nowadays.

Another kind is Pablo Picasso’s cubism which art lovers look for in the internet when they buy art online. At first glance it looks like an abstract painting but when looked at closely, the geometric shapes resemble objects like a face that is heart- shaped or a face with many edges. This expertise in cubism is shared by other renowned artists like George Braque and Mark Chagall who like the idea of painting by connecting shapes to come up with the subject.

An art lover who wants to buy art online that is not plain and common as what he sees in almost every wall depicting genre and generic lifestyle might appreciate surrealism. This kind is best represented by Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, and Henri Rosseau. It looks like surrealism with lots of shapes in it but clearer than abstract. Despite of the fact that the objects are clearly sketched, the meaning of the art piece cannot be easily understood by the viewer just like that of abstract wall painting. This is because surrealism is an expression of what the artists see in his dream.

Another one that looks like a combination of the three above-mentioned kinds of painting is expressionism which at first glance would appear as abstract to the viewer. However, shapes to resemble complete figures of the subject will be noticed clearly. Some of these wall paintings can be mistakenly identified as an artwork of a child only because the artist is more concerned with the emotion the art piece conveys than its appearance. Notable expressionists are Edvard Munch, Wassily Kandinsky, and Ludwig Kirchner.

Those who surf the net and shop around to buy art online surely have different tastes to what kind of wall painting match their personality. This is why websites selling artworks online offer variety in their collections to cater to market with varying preference.

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