Wall Mounting Your Flat TV at Home

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Ever since flat TVs came out, more and more people have been excited to get hold of the new technology. These are flat and weigh less than plasma TVs which makes them easier to mount on the wall. This makes watching the best pictures coming out more of a theater experience rather than just plain old TV. The sleek designs are also more attractive. Some women actually prefer these for they can be mounted on the wall and they could get rid of the TV rack and this way they can get more out of the small space they have at home. But mounting the flat TV is not just a pound and hang thing, you need to prepare and plan before you make a major and expensive mistake.

First of all, you need to know the wall that you are going to be drilling on. Check out the local building and fire codes for if you hit on a wire or something sensitive it can cause a spark. Also, make sure that the area you are drilling in is not hollow, there are some homes with double walls and they are as hollow as you can get. Make sure the area you are drilling on is firm and stable.

Next, you need to measure out or plan out where to place the TV. It would be good to look at it from the sofa or from the bed and it is centered not off to one side. Central locations give better viewing. So if your dining rooms is in the same room as your living room and only the sofa and chairs are the boundaries, make sure the TV is centrally located from the point of view of the sofa, not the whole wall.

Measure out the height of the brackets so the positioning of the TV is level and straight. It would not do well if one bracket is higher or lower than the other. Carefully make the areas with a pencil where you need to drill.

On a last note, make sure that the cables and wires coming in and out of the TV are hidden inside the wall. If not, then you can just disguise them. Just make sure that no wires or cables have tears or damage on them which could be a source of fire. If there are you should change them, they are quite cheap. If not, you can protect them with electrical tape temporarily until you go out and buy new ones. Better safe than regret later.

Once installed, sit back and relax and watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your very own home theater.

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