Wake up Refreshed each and every Morning with Serta

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People from every walk of life constantly strive to be more productive members of society. We all struggle each and every day with making the most out of our available time. Going to work, keeping up the house, and tending to family members takes up a big part of our days, and we need every last drop of energy we can get.

Some people find that starting their day off with a big cup of coffee gets them going. And while this may work at first, the effects of caffeine wear off as the day goes on. By noon, you will often find yourself dragging again. Coffee is great and all, but it doesn’t solve the problem; it only masks it for a short period of time.

The only surefire way to make certain you feel refreshed and ready all day long is to get enough rest the night before. But sleeping on any ordinary mattress isn’t going to get you the quality rest you need. When you bed down on a Serta mattress, however, you can rest assured that you will wake up feeling fantastic in the morning.

Serta Perfect Sleeper "Dorchester" Eurotop Full Mattress Set

The Dorchester from Serta stands as one of the company’s premium mattresses. This convenient set even comes with a box spring as well. The full-sized mattress measures 75 inches long by 54 inches wide by 12 ½ inches tall.

This dynamic mattress utilizes a variety of specialized layers to help maximize your comfort. For the top, you have the patented Advanced Comfort Quilt. All across the top of this mattress, you can find crests of fluffed fibers and convoluted foam. This rolling quilt is designed to help gently cushion your whole body.

But the Dorchester isn’t only about comfort. Serta takes safety as seriously as they do relaxation. This mattress is constructed using FireBlocker technology. This system is resistant to open flames and in the event of a fire will help to protect you and your family. That isn’t to say this mattress is entirely fireproof, but it is far safer than an ordinary mattress.

The Dorchester is an incredible combination of fascinating features. If you are looking for a high-quality mattress on which you can rest easy, you can’t go wrong with this fantastic selection.

SertaPedic "Corvin" Eurotop Queen Mattress

Already have a perfectly functional queen-sized box spring? Are you just looking for a comfortable new mattress to plop down on at night? If this sounds like you, then you might be interested in the Corvin model from SertaPedic.

The Corvin utilizes advanced support systems to help provide adequate rest for your entire body. One of these systems is the VertiColl Premier Innerspring. The designers at Serta still have a patent pending for this revolutionary coil design. It has increased surface coverage, which facilitates a perfect fit to your body. 504 individual coils conform and react to all of your specific contours.

The Corvin also utilizes a clever support system called Total Edge Foam Encasement. Have you ever laid down on the edge of your bed and almost fell off because the mattress presses down? On an ordinary mattress, you can lose up to 20% of your sleeping surface because of this. But with the Total Edge Foam Encasement, you will have increased support on all of the edges, allowing you to maximize your sleep space.

While the Corvin is a superior design for a mattress, there are always techniques you can use to prolong the life of your purchase. Rotating your mattress every once in a while will help it stay comfortable for years to come.

Serta Perfect Sleeper "Bluffside" Pillowtop Queen Mattress

The Bluffside is another dreamy mattress from Serta that will have your whole body thanking you throughout the day. It features many different layers of comfort and support.

While resting comfortably is important, even the softest mattresses can cause other problems you might not be aware of. Some styles absorb heat, making your whole room stuffy, while others gather moisture and serve as a festering pool of bacteria. The Bluffside eliminates these issues with Pillo-Fill Fiber. This plush surface helps to eliminate excess moisture and heat.

The Bluffside also uses technology to relieve pressure on the most stressed-out parts of your body. “Egg crate” foam allows your shoulders and hips to relax and sink right into this luxurious mattress.

On top of the convoluted foam, this mattress also has a thick layer of ultra-responsive Visco Memory Foam. This has a smooth and natural response to your body’s weight, allowing you to have an incredibly comfortable night of rest.

Sleeping well is an essential part of starting your day refreshed and ready to go. But just getting eight hours of sleep isn’t always enough. Make the most of your night by bedding down on a luxurious Serta mattress.

Nick Fitzgerald is a freelance writer who writes about products and brands such as Serta.

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