VPNs For Watching Hulu Outside America: How to choose features

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Hulu offers its subscribers a way to view hundreds of movies, videos and TV shows of both old and new content via just about any mobile device, computer or laptop with an Internet connection. But if you want to watch Hulu outside America then you have to sign up with a virtual private network, or VPN.

However, with all of the VPNs out there in cyber space, how does one know which kind to pick and which features to look for? Here are a few recommendations:

VPN Facts

First, a VPN helps you to watch Hulu outside America by making your IP address emulate one from America, as Hulu only works with an American IP address due to their agreements with video providers. Since the VPN is in the States, and you are connected to their server, then essentially you ARE in the US and so get an American IP address and can therefore watch Hulu outside America .

But what features are best? There are numerous VPN providers, so what should you know before signing with one?

First, while there are some free VPN service providers, you get what you pay for and they really donít cost that much, in some cases less than $15 month. The problem with the free ones is: they are slower, may have advertisements, etc.

You want to choose a company that has several different servers in the US, all which can provide you with an American IP address because some servers are slower than others and you can experiment to see which works best from your location overseas to watch Hulu outside America.

For computers, whether Mac or PC, you want to get SSL/OpenVPN and if youíre connecting via a mobile device like an iPhone, look for L2TP, as it has a faster and more secure connection. Spend the most you can afford, as it is worth it for the improved speed and customer service.

The bottom line is that if you want to watch Hulu outside America, you need a way to emulate a US IP address. In order to do that, you must sign up for VPN services from the US and hook into their servers to do so. Itís quick, easy and fairly inexpensive to do it and soon you will be chowing down on snacks and laughing at the antics of the Office or Family guy from your Huly account.

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