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What ever we may think of Gordon Brown he does appear to be a great survivor but I think in many ways he reminds me of a captain on a ship that has lost control of its steering,navigation and radar systems and is in fog.

There are tricky waters and storms ahead but the Ship continues at full speed.

Many captains of industry shout warnings but as always Gordon knows best and his ship remains at full steam ahead.

Here is a Captain who has survived three serious mutinies from his own crew members and still sails on.

He has, I have no doubt, directly helped to create the most serious recession in the UK since the Second World War.

Mr Brown gave a speech in the City of London on 10th March 2010 in which he invited the country to trust him to see the UK through the current turbulent economic storms. He has to be joking as all the problems have arisen under his watch.

Whilst he has great resilience a brass neck and lead armoured underwear his biggest failing (of which there are many) is his failure to accept one jot of responsibility when things go wrong (and inevitably they do who ever you are) whether they be of a military nature, the recession or the break down of social fibre in society you can guarantee he will not take responsibility for anything.

Absolutely amazingly before the Chilcot enquiry he seemed to admit that he sat in his high office of CHancellor of the Exchequer and yet never had any real input or idea into the funding of the British Army.

How could this be when for 11 years he was the Chancellor of the Exchequer. This,of course,is the second highest position in government only one below the Prime minister.

If he is realy telling us sat in his office and did not get or ask or seek the information that you clearly need to know to do the job properly then clearly he is a mouse and not a man.

Or is he trying to say that his predecessor Tony Blair when Prime Minister ran the government in an autocratic way and if so then again he was a mouse not to stand up to Blair for information.

Just look at Alistair Darling the successor to Brown as Chancellor he has the gumption to stand up for his view against Brown and I admire him for that. He shows that there is one member in the Labour government who is not a mouse.

At the speech in the City of London Brown attempted to try to tell his audience that he was not merely a man who just told people what ever it was that they wished to hear but what they needed to know. Perhaps he should of said that he tells the people what he thinks they need to know not what they really need to know.

Brown when Chancellor clearly failed to properly fund the war in Afghanistan and Iraq adequately.

I know full well that he said before the Chilcot enquiry that all urgent requests for funding were met and at the same time the defence budget was increased by 1 or 1.5 % in each year. Again he completely misses the point he must think we and the British Electorate are fools. He fails to understand that in a war the budget has to be ramped up not just kept to minimal increases.

He has subsequently had to admit that the information he gave to the Chilcot equiry was incorrect in that real terms the funding had not increased every year as he has said.

If he had provided the funds the current back log of helicopters so badly needed would be in service NOW and not still on the order book equally the same is true with the armour plated vehicles.

The question is very simple would Brown go for a drive in a Snatch Land rover the vehicle that has been nicknamed a "mobile coffin"..


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