Vote for a Welcome Change in SVG Government

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Come December 13, all the residents of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines will go to the election booths to cast their votes to elect the government for the next term. They will elect the person who according to them is best suited for the Prime Minister’s office. However, there are still some people who restrain themselves from casting their votes thinking that it will not matter if one does not cast his vote. However, such thinking is not right and it will do more harm than good to the country. Want to know how is that possible? Read on!

In a democratic nation each vote is important and can make a difference. Just one vote can be the cause of your favorite leader losing the battle. If you do not vote you might be hampering the countries chance of a change and development. So by all means, do not forget to cast your vote thinking that it won’t make a difference. The country has given you the right to do something for her - don’t waste it in vein. Use your analytical power to judge the current government and the possibilities of development if there is a change in the government this term, and cast your vote wisely. This is your power to elect the right person to run the country.

Talking about judging the current government, do you think the current ULP government is worthy to be re-elected for a third term? Over a period of nine years they have done almost nothing to improve the economy of the country except the inauguration of the latest international airport. They have failed to develop the harvest of any other crop other than banana, the production of which has gone down considerably over the recent years. However, marijuana production in the country has gone up which lead to the rise of several crimes.

The government has failed to create more jobs in the country as a result of which the people in the country are committing crimes ranging from petty crimes to heinous crimes like murder, rape and much more. However, the police authority and the government treat such crimes with utter negligence. If these crimes are not dealt with a strong attitude then the rate of crime is going to go up in future. Given the current government in the rule for another term the peace loving and god fearing people of SVG will suffer from high crime rates. And of course, let us not forget that the honourable Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves himself is charged for sexual assaults - how can he deal with the people accused for similar kind of crime? ‘Physician, heal thyself’!

With the bread and butter as well as safety of the people of this country at stake, we cannot really say we have had a great time under ULP regime. But still if, owing to your personal preferences and the things which went in the favor of the individuals rather than to the country, you want to elect this corrupt party, I have nothing to say. But if you love your country over personal benefits then vote for a welcome change in the government.

Authors Bio: Samuel Parker is a working professional who has a special interest in Caribbean and its surrounding nature.You can also check out his other write-ups and/or links to his views/comments HERE.

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