Vopium Cheap Calls to India And Worldwide Calling Packages Review

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As we know Vopium is one the most dignified voip service provider. It always provide its user plenty of free and cheap calls offers. Now Vopium has decided to give some thing more than its user expect. Yes Vopium had launched a lot different-2 voip calling and text messaging packages for its users. With Vopium worldwide calling package you can make unlimited, endless talk to your friend and family. Choose your favorite international calling packages as per your need and stick yourself to calling your dear one.

Vopium has given named to every packages as worldwide calling package named "call the world" another "Vopium2Vopium". Likewise as per the survey the country who use voip service more he has given special offer for them, it include India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Packages name, for making cheap calls to India "Call India", for Bangladesh "Call Bangladesh" and for Pakistan it has given two packages "Call Pakistan 350" and "Call Pakistan 750". It has also given the SMS packages "SMS the World 100" and "SMS the World 200". I lost my conscience i had never seen that much offer together. Really i had never seen it before that any of the Voip provider had launched this much offer at same time. But Vopium dares to do that.

Vopium Packages review:

* Call the World:- This package is gift for those people who make worldwide calls for business or own. In this package you can make call to your friends and dear ones in resides 52 in countries at just EUR 0.01/min. Also you will get 2000 minutes at just EUR 10.36 for calling to fixed number in all 52 counties including Australia, US, Canada, UK, Japan, Spain, Israel and so on. And apart of these you will also get 15 free international text messages.

* Call India:- As we know use of voip is increasing day by day. India is one of the country in which use of Voip services are at peak. Because most of Indian reside in abroad to earn their livelihood. As the phone and mobile service provide charges much more. That is why Indians are diverting to ward Voip. It offer Cheap calls to India at just EUR 0.01/min. And also give 750 minutes at EUR 7.96 for any landline or mobile phone calls in India, 15 free international SMS.

Call Bangladesh:- In this make Voip calls to Bangladesh only at EUR 0.01 / min and 15 free SMS.

Call Pakistan:- Now talk to the people reside in Pakistan at just EUR 0.03/min. This offer is two stream one is 350 and other is 750. In 350 you will 350 minutes only in EUR 10.36 and in 750, get 750 minutes in EUR 19.96.

So I think this much information is quite sufficient, for more detail of Vopium cheap calls to India And Worldwide Packages visit its official site.

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