Volunteering: The Heart of the Community

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Who knew “community service” could mean so much more than “punishment”? Volunteering in the local community is nothing new, and the last decade or so has seen a strange waxing and waning in popularity. Experts say this could be due to issues with political correctness and associated tension, financial strain – any number of reasons. Regardless, the importance of community volunteering is no less.

A lot of community volunteer initiatives focus around bridging social gaps. Gaps between rich and poor, the young and the elderly. Fostering a positive opinion between all ethnicities and social groups is a tough demand, but its one community volunteers face every day.


Providing as proficient and thorough an education as possible is vital to the development of children, youth and young adults. Whether it’s a sports first aid training day, historical tour, hands-on nature experience or graphic design tuition; many such activities (particularly after school clubs) simply couldn’t run without volunteers.

Educational volunteers come in many packages - the nature guide at the local wildlife park, the tour guide at the historic castle. Without the dedication of these and people like them, it’s likely that such places would cease to provide the same level of service.


Sports training equipment can be expensive. Community sports programs are largely run by volunteers, without which the best sports training equipment in the world would be useless. These volunteers nurture the emotional development of participants, as well as providing guidance relating to particular sport skills. The life skills that can be learned via sports (commitment, coping, constructive criticism, teamwork etc) can be incredibly valuable.

Community Spirit

Small communities could not survive without the input of community volunteers. Firemen, event organisers, sports first aid representatives – the importance of helping smaller communities blossom via volunteering cannot be impressed enough.

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