VoIP Service Features Essential For A Successful Telephony Business

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If you are looking for reliable and optimum quality SIP Termination services, you should consider some important features that will enable non-interrupted services for your customers. A sound network, easy accessibility of CDR data, multiple routes, backup Softswitch are some of the important features of VoIP services.

Any telephony business achieves success only by providing uninterrupted services to their clients. For that, you need to partner with a wholesale VoIP service provider that delivers excellent services with essential features. Though a robust network and competent switching platform are the core foundation for providing uninterrupted calls, other important features like CDR data exchange, multiple routes,carrier connectivity and technical support from the provider also play an instrumental role in making your telephony business stand out from the rest. When choosing a wholesale VoIP provider, you must consider these aspects to meet the needs of your customers. You should select a wholesaler that partners with some of the major carriers across the globe to provide you unrivaled SIP Termination services across a broad range of routes.

Backup VoIP Softswitch Locations

Backup locations of VoIP Softswitch are imperative as these let you cut down the expenses of running a telecom business. Instead of owning a platform, you can choose for the hosted services of a Softswitch. This option not only brings your operation costs down but helps you manage your telephony business much efficiently. To maintain the connectivity between the packet networks and the circuit, an uninterrupted functioning of the Softswitch is mandatory.

Robust Network

The VoIP service you choose should be able to provide you the best connectivity ratio and optimum quality at the most competitive prices. A robust network that is capable of handling a burst of abundant calls every minute. A platform like Genband that has long been serving to fixed, mobile and Internet service providers worldwide gives you an opportunity to expand your communication network. Moreover, a competent network makes streamlining of calls much simpler and leaves you with not much of the job, just accepting orders and activating devices. The fully distributed and assembled network with secure voice services only help you avoid the truck rolls.

Flawless Exchange of VoIP Calls CDR Data

For any telephony service, seamless exchange of VoIP calls CDR data is necessary. Since CDRs contain all the important details of a call, transcendent exchange is necessary. The CDR file contains all the details regarding a call including identities of source and destination, call duration, amount billed, total usage duration in billing period, total free time remaining and the total charge during the billing period. Not a single call, CDR contains the info of all the calls that pass through your service. So, the data exchange has to be smooth and flawless.

Multiple Route Options

VoIP Softswitch supports multiple routing mechanisms such as ASR, two stage routing, route fail-over, least cost routing, priority routing ad preferred routing. The VoIP Softswitch you are provided must be synonymous with reliability and high scalability. With so many routing options, business owners can select routes that prove to be most beneficial for them. Businesses can get an increment on the call completion rates that eventually gives a hike to the revenue and profitability of the company.

Round The Clock Technical Support

Working with a large carrier can be really frustrating sometimes. To get simple problems resolved, you have to wait for days. So, you should choose a wholesale SIP Termination service provider that gives you an immediate response to all your queries. In addition to that, the technical support staff of the company should assist you in locating the routes that aren't usually very easy to find. The company should have qualified technical staff that can troubleshoot all the issues, whether simple or complicated.

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