VoIP: Price not the only important consideration

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VoIP is generally cheaper than other types of voice communications, such as the telephone, and this has led to increasing numbers switching to VoIP. The running costs are cheaper for providers meaning they are able to offer a more cost effective service to their customers. There are even free options, such as those where downloadable software is used so people can talk to each other through their computers. The price is obviously a major advantage for those considering choosing VoIP but it isn’t the only important thing. With the lower cost options, quality can suffer. When choosing a VoIP solution price should be considered but it shouldn’t be the only important thing.

Call Quality

This is an obvious, but important, consideration. The problem with VoIP is low quality services can result in an echo and other issues. It doesn’t matter how cheap the service is if you can’t understand what the person on the other end is saying. How good the quality needs to be depends on what you will be using VoIP for. If choosing Interoute are a top quality business VoIP provider. it may need to be of the highest quality. You want to seem professional and need a VoIP system that meets those needs. You need to be able to have business conversations with partners and customers. If you are simply using it for calling family and friends then call quality may not be quite so important. In this case the quality of your VoIP is not going to affect your business. You will probably still want a decent service, but it is not quite so crucial.


A VoIP solution is no good if it keeps cutting out and you are unable to have a proper conversation with anyone. Therefore reliability can be very important, especially for a business where you need it to be available whenever you wish to make a call. You may be able to handle some reliability issues if using VoIP for personal calls, but for business it is not really acceptable.

Technical Support

Where quality is important, technical support is important. This should mean maintaining the high quality your VoIP system is capable of at all times. Any problems will be able to be dealt with when they occur. It is also important that your VoIP systems are set up correctly. When using a specific business VoIP provider then you may need support for this, whereas for a cheap personal VoIP system you may be able to set it up yourself.


You can go for very basic VoIP where you can simply call from one phone to another without being able to do anything else. These are better priced but that doesn’t mean they are better value for money. You might want an integrated system with several phones and phone lines with services such as call forwarding and an answer phone service. This is more likely if using it for business purposes.


And then there is cost. Cost shouldn’t be considered alone though. Just simply looking at prices and choosing the cheapest option does not mean you will chose the best option. Price should be used along with other factors to decide on a service. What you need will largely depend on your needs and circumstances. What will you be using VoIP for? Will it be for business purposes or personal use? Value for money is more important than simply price. You need to find the service you need for the best possible price.

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