VoIP Phone System with Voicemail Service

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The voicemail feature has received a major thrust after the advent of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system and the development of IP telephony applications.

Today, business communication facilities have gone far beyond the old analog phones with its traditional dial-up connections. The VoIP technology is a present-day marvel that enhances voice, video and data communication systems. Unlike PSTN services, VoIP is a high quality voice services with pioneering features such as call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID etc.

Taking advantage of business VoIP voicemail service through hosted PBX systems, business enterprises can communicate with their customers, business associates and employees regardless of their geographic location using an Internet connection. It has come to be recognized as a very useful and cost-effective solution for business organizations.

VoIP voicemail facility is possible in your existing as well as new local or toll free number. The voicemail auto attendant feature welcomes all callers with greetings. It provides the callers with varied options such as dial by name, dial by extension, group dialing etc. As per the choice exercised by the calling party, the voicemail auto attendant directs the calls to the called person or concerned departments.

The voicmail facility is perfectly capable of managing large volume of voice messages. In fact, depending on your requirements, it is feasible to set up multiple voice mailboxes for catering to multiple departments.

The voicemail auto attendant transfers the incoming calls to the voicemail system if there is no response after three or four rings or when all lines are busy. This, in turn, facilitates the callers to leave voice messages. The voicemail system sends alert text messages to your cell phone as and when a new message is received.

This is a veritable boon as it helps business houses to immediately attend to the queries made by the clients. You can also have the voice messages transferred to your email account as audio file attachments. This way, you can check on your desktop PC or laptop at your convenience.

The foremost benefit of using business VoIP voicemail system is that it ensures there are no missed calls. It also helps to project your organization as a professional large corporation - inspiring customer confidence.

The heartening fact is, to avail of the VoIP voicemail features, it is not necessary for you to install and maintain any expensive equipment at your business premises. The hardware will be maintained by the service provider and the facilities are offered through a hosted server with the support of high speed Internet or dedicated telephone networks - at affordable monthly charges.

Internet Protocol (IP) telephony has altered the style and functioning of PBXs and more so, with voicemail systems integrated into them. This has led to an innovative concept of Unified Messaging, which is likely to revolutionize business communications. The multifarious advantages include greater flexibility, easy operation, lower costs, increased speed, and more efficient user convenience.

The corporate IP telephony-based voicemail is offered by several frontline vendors like Avaya, Cisco systems, Adomo, Interactive Intelligence [1], Nortel, Mitel, 3Com, AVST amongst others.

Today, VoIP telephony provides centralized, shared servers, with remote handling for corporate customers - making it economical for the end-users. Several providers offer hosted, shared services for all forms of converged IP telecommunications, including IP-PBX and voicemail services.

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