Voip IP PBX equipments

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IP PBX is the acronym that stands Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange and it denotes a telephone system that uses the internet protocol to transmit data. IP PBX is indeed a path-breaking development in telecommunication technologies. IP PBX is more meant for business enterprises that have to regularly contact customers and affiliates sporadically located across the world.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) gateways are combined with conventional PBX functionality for facilitating businesses to enjoy the advantages of a single network for voice and data with advanced features and which also saves costs and provides greater mobility.

One of the chief attractions of IP PBX is the possibility to make international phone calls in an inexpensive way. Most business companies spend a lot of money for making international and long distance calls and to them all, IP PBX is a veritable boon. Ever since IP PBX technologies emerged, hundreds of companies have managed to cut down their business communication expenses.

Though IP PBX is based on standard PBX, it offers a lot of advanced features including - auto attendant, caller ID, call forwarding, call detail recorder, call waiting, call blocking, call pick-up, call transfer, conferencing, conversation recording, voicemail amongst others. The basic requirement for using IP PBX is the availability of broadband Internet connection. High speed internet is becoming increasingly commonplace and IP PBX is being hailed as the telecom technology of the future.
IP PBX solutions are employed on both VoIP to normal telephone systems and on telephone to telephone systems.

A VoIP system consists has many components. First of all, you will need telephones instruments. These phones can be either an IP telephone or a soft-phone residing on a PC. The purpose and role of an IP telephone is not different from a conventional telephone. The soft-phone is a program that runs on your PC and performs all of the same functions of a telephone using your multimedia speakers and microphone plus video in select cases.

For routing calls to and from the phone instruments, you have to install an IP PBX. This performs similar functions as a traditional PBX or Key System. The IP PBX may be described as the server that all of the extension phones are logged in to. Unlike the traditional PBX, most of the features in an IP PBX are stored in the phones and not in the centrally controlled PBX.

A traditional PBX that supports VoIP is usually called a converged system. This means that the PBX supports traditional telephones, IP endpoints, VoIP access to another PBX, remote offsite endpoints or all of these. The equipment for VoIP varies depending on the application. The exact list of equipment depends on the specific requirements of your business.

You can choose from a whole variety of corded VoIP phones, conference phones and WiFi phones. All types of IP phones are fully warranted and work in conjunction with most of the well-known VoIP phone systems. There are also more than thirty different VoIP phone adapters in various configurations available in the market. Whether you are looking for an VoIP adapter for your home, business or to provide to your customers in conjunction with your VoIP service you can find the right adapter.

Besides, there are a number of Fax over IP gateways and appliances to enable you use Fax over IP. If you are in need of a headset, you can also select from a plethora of different VoIP headset of different brands. You will have no difficulty in buying any type of accessories for VoIP system ranging from AC power adapters to cabling, to connection cords, mounts and brackets.

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