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Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephony is one of the hottest fields of current telephony technology. VOIP technology offered by broadband providers have made it possible to save money for your business or home calling needs.

Not surprisingly, the success of the VOIP technology has lead to a glut of new broadband providers, all competing for customers. The buyer reaps all the rewards of reduced costs and more features caused by this competitive market. Homes and businesses that have a high speed broadband connection and looking for a voip telephony should do the homework to investigate the pros and cons of the different broadband providers before signing up.

Vonage is the most known of the broadband providers in the voip telephony market.Many consumers mistakenly believe that Vonage is the only broadband provider. Vonage is considered by many industry watchers to be a middle of the road service in that it has a moderate feature set and a moderate price . Vonage is only one choice and there are many more broadband providers that offer the same good service and standard features to choose from.

Vonage and other similar services are easy to install even if you are not a computer wizard.
For the more tech savvy consumers who are looking for the ultimate in price reduction and do not require some of the frills that come with many of the voice over IP services, there are bare-bones PC based communication options such as Skype, Google Talk, SIP and newcomer Magicjack. PC to PC calls directly over the internet are offered by broadband providers Skype and Google Talk at a reduced cost. Besides a headset and microphone an optional adapter that lets the users use there wireless or land line can be bought.

SIP activated devices allow communication between PCs without the monthly bill. Using SIP directly requires more work and technical knowledge than the other communications, but the cost savings along with the cool factor of using the protocol directly are draws for some users.

When searching for a broadband phone provider, it is important to know your budget and required features before talking with a high speed broadband provider about your telephony setup. Reading an internet review is a great way to narrow down the choices.

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