VoIP for Business and Home Use

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Choosing to switch to VoIP can be a good decision whether it is for business purposes or home use. For both these uses there are a variety of options which vary in quality and price.

VoIP for Business can seriously save on costs. In most circumstances it is cheaper than using a landline telephone and with the service improving it no longer has the negative of the poor quality calls that was once such a problem.

A small business can make use of basic VoIP, which will be the cheapest option. One line might be enough with a number attached to it so you can be called as well as you making calls yourself. If you only have basic VoIP such as this it may be simple but it could do the job.

Basic VoIP is not adequate for most larger businesses though. They may prefer a more integrated system. There is no use having one phone line if there are twenty people in the office, as they won't all be able to make their way to the phone every time they need to make a call or someone calls them. A system of several lines will be more appropriate alone with other more advanced features. Call forwarding will often be necessary so a call from outside can be redirected to the appropriate staff member. As well as diverting incoming calls this will also allow colleagues to call one another internally as they may be in different parts of the office or even in a separate room. Answer phones will also be necessary for many utilising Business VoIP.

Businesses that make regular international calls can benefit even more from VoIP. With a regular telephone (either landline or mobile) international, or even those further afield within the same country, can be significantly more expensive than local calls. With VoIP the price difference is not so significant.

Home users will not generally make such large savings with VoIP as they typically don't make as many calls. They are not going to make hundreds every day. Large savings can still be made though. This is especially the case if they have family or friends abroad. If using VoIP at home the quality levels are not so important so some are willing to go with the cheapest option possible. Extremely cheap VoIP is available, with Skype the best know provider, which can even be free if talking from computer to computer. VoIP phones do cost more but many are happy to pay the extra due to the improved user experience.

The main advantage of VoIP, whether for business or home use, is the price savings that can be made. Quality is not sacrificed in the way it once was and there are many different packages available, whether you want the cheapest possible and are unconcerned with price, or would like a better quality service in terms of call quality and other features.

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