VoIP – The Best & Cheapest Communication Option for Any Business

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VoIP, in simple words, is the transfer of your voice through the means of the Internet. Getting incredibly popular now-a-days, it is something you must learn about.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is also commonly termed as Internet Telephony or IP Telephony, voice over broadband or broadband phone and broadband telephony. Interesting names, but what actually Is VoIP?

It is a technique to transmit voice calls over IP based networks. In other words, it is just another way of making calls; however instead of using the traditional phone line, here we make a call over VoIP broadband Internet connection. With this service you don't even require a handset, just the Internet connection and your computer to receive telephone calls. For instance, an individual making calls to his/her friends outside or within the office through his computer, or maybe contacting some other people who use VoIP services anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available.

Why VoIP?

Cost Effective: - The foremost reason that VoIP is most preferable is that it is cost-effective. It is cheaper than telephone networks and offers inexpensive domestic or international long distance rates.

More Functions: - It contains more functions than any land based telephone services. VoIP is not only limited to voice-to-voice exchanges but also allows the caller to exchange or transfer pictures, text, video and other files.

Exciting Features:- Voice mail, call diversion, call waiting, caller display, a dedicated fax line, call waiting, call diversion and 3-way conferencing makes it interesting.

Conference Calls:- With VoIP, the calls are not just restricted to two people, as it provides conference call options to be conducted at the same time with multiple number of people.

Flexibility: - VoIP is portable. The wireless connection option makes it all the more flexible and ensures mobility.

Gaining Importance in Small businesses

VoIP is swiftly gaining in importance as a standalone set up and the best alternative option to the traditional phone set. Various small businesses can be benefited with the use of VoIP as it can reduce the communication cost while keeping the functionality of their communication network intact. Also it allows smooth flow of data/fax transfer and streamlined video conferencing. If your company has branches overseas or within the country, then opting for VoIP services would be a wise and profitable decision for your business. It offers voice quality and reliability, saves a lot of time, human resources, money, etc. which are required for professional ongoing business needs.

VoIP and Reselling

VoIP is one of the business sectors which are growing at a rapid rate today. The possibilities with VoIP are endless. Everybody needs phone services and you can help them by offering cheaper service. Many people buy VoIP since it is affordable and convenient. You could establish your own brand name with effective and high quality products. Starting up your own VoIP business could be expensive however there are many VoIP companies that do offer start-up businesses in terms of reseller and affiliate programs.

To become a VoIP reseller is a challenging task, however the catch is to build the VoIP Company on your own from scratch and sell VoIP services. In the reseller business, you would be your own brand and can set whatever price you think is appropriate for the service. Get involved in market research and reach out to your potential customers. VoIP reselling comes up as a successful idea; however you must have a computer and some technical knowledge. You may also start as an affiliate and promote a particular VoIP company on his/her website. This way you can receive a fixed commission for sales and links and signing up new users.

Purchasing VoIP Service

Undoubtedly, VoIP can transform your small business into an expense saving and highly profitable business. It is an easy way to save on your business's telecom bill. It provides services that are low cost but provide high end features. So if you are planning to purchase VoIP service for your business, then you can wisely browse through a good web shop which deals in VoIP providers business. You should take numerous points into account while selecting a VoIP service like the cost, support, emergency calls, contracts, compatibility with existing phones, upgrading, the service provider’s reliability, the actual service, etc.

The author of this article works with Breezecom which is associated with VoIP termination services in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East.

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