Voice over internet protocol -The phone call which was never before

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Today we are living in the era for faster and easier communication. The quality and excellence in voice with well-suited tariffs, simple and superior mean for communication is what every person is gazing for in the current scenario.

No matter of the fact that it is long distance or short distance communication, even the communication service providers are finding it hard to meet the demands of communicators. In the midst of these one of the most and forthcoming way of communication in today's global market is voice over internet protocol (voip).

The conduction of technology in the equipment for the voice communication over the internet, which is popularly also known as internet telephony meaning which an individual can make voice calls by means of internet right from their desktop.

They make use of special types of protocols for sending the voice radiations into the digital telephone radiations which is transmitted over the internet which are then condensed and translated to IP (Internet Protocol) packets for communication. A person can carry on with their other work at the same time as dialing a call or receiving a call. It is also expressed as "least cost routing" since it transfers the calls using the shortest means for the particular destination.

Well-suited rates for the communication

The equipment is cost competent that any individual or an organization can bank millions by this method of communication. This method also offers the choice of three way calling, caller id facilities, automatic redial, calling forwarding. The money thus set aside can be utilized for other purpose and development of the organization.

Service providers and their Categorization in services
Service providers has usually categorized the service into two types

1) Direct inward dialing services (DID) - it straightly unites two voip facility users with each other.
2) Access number facilities. - It persist the caller to dial the extension number.

Calls are not levied for the similar service users even if they are of different service subscribers. If the area code which the customer selects for dialing a call if it happens to vary from the area code where the customer is staying at present then the call is charged. Utilizing this technology customer can make long distance calls at much lower rates.

Low Tax remuneration provided

The government has laid lower tax remuneration in favor of this voip service. The tax laid for broadband phone seems to be very cheap when compared to regular fixed phone lines.

It is more suitable, easy to use and easy to handle cause of its flexibility. It permits the customer to execute other computer applications like web conferencing, e mail, and e fax, along with the communication. This equipment is very much useful to the individual whose career involves lot of travelling. And if they make use of WI-FI connection an extra telephone line is not needed and calls are dialed with the aid of internet or broad band connection. Voip offers many additional features which are not found in traditional phone.

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