Voice Over Gigs For Every Age, Every Stage And Every Client

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Have you ever wondered which age groups are most frequently needed in voice over work? All of them! As a Voice Over Agent, Los Angeles, we specialize in supplying clients with voice over artists from every background, both genders and all ethnicities. Not only do our voice over artists represent a pool of 600+ voices (yes, you read that correctly!), many also are bilingual and/or have special talents, such as the ability to incorporate specific accents into their work.

Interestingly, many of our clients are unaware that a Voice Over Agent, Los Angeles, can bring them practically any type of voice over artist they need. Little kids, mature adults, and every voice in between are available. And we re always adding new talent to our pool.

How is Voice Over Agent, Los Angeles, able to bring such talent together? Quite honestly, our spotless reputation speaks for itself. We ve been in the industry for many years and have built a phenomenal status as one of the most reputable voice over agencies in the LA market. We also have some of the brightest talent at the most affordable prices and that s something to sing about!

Voice Over Agent, Los Angeles, is also known for its exceptional customer service. We make certain that every client receives personalized attention. We don t push computer buttons to solve problems we re real people and will discuss any issues one-on-one with our customers. In addition, we offer a no-exceptions guarantee of satisfaction.

As a Voice Over Agent, Los Angeles, we also have the opportunity to provide our voice over artists with some of the most lucrative union and non-union jobs in the Hollywood area. With a few selectively-placed phone calls and emails, we can alert our talent to gigs around the region and even beyond.

Because we ve remained a locally-owned and operated Voice Over Agent, Los Angeles, we attract the best of the best that Hollywood has to offer. We also have a state-of-the art studio (complete with two well-equipped voice over rooms) along Ventura Boulevard that s second-to-none in terms of professionalism. And our clients can listen to finished MP3s just moments after they ve been digitally mastered, a huge benefit to industry leaders who are in a hurry.

Finally, as a Voice Over Agent, Los Angeles, we offer clientele everything from custom music to single pianos to special effects (courtesy of our amazing 18,000-track sound effects library.) And jingles are a specialty of the house! (We like to say that there are no images we can t put into words.)

If voice over talent is important to you (as either an artist or a potential client), you deserve to speak with a highly-trained Voice Over Agent, Los Angeles, today. Contact our offices by email or telephone and find out how we can partner together. Hundreds of customers have already discovered why we re growing each and every year it s time for you to discover what a Voice Over Agent, Los Angeles, can do for you.


VoiceOver LA is a full-service voice-over agency, offering a terrific roster of over 600 local LA voice professionals in every age, ethnicity and for that matter, the language you're likely to need as well! More information visit - www.voiceoverla.com

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