Vital guidelines for Sky Anytime Plus Set up

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Sky TVís offering of Sky Anytime plus service is for the benefit of its customers. The Sky Anytime plus service caters to the customerís demands and whims of watching a particular content as and when they demand for it. Currently, this service is offered free of cost which makes it even more attractive to check and enjoy it out as well.

What does Sky Anytime Plus offer?
Sky Anytime Plus offers a huge library of on demand content ranging from TV programmes, shows, sports, documentaries and much more. Apart from this, you can get access to almost 500 movies or more. This means the choice of getting entertained through this service is simply immense.

Sky Anytime Plus Set up can be done in three following ways Ė

Sky Engineer Set up Ė You can avail the services of a Sky engineer in order to enable your wired set up. In case you are getting your Sky Box installed, the engineer can get Anytime service set up for you at the same time. In case you call for a set up, the installation is going to cost you £40

Self Installation of a wired set up

If you feel confident enough to set up the Sky Anytime service yourself, you can always try it. Once the Sky Anytime Activation is done, you just need to connect the Ethernet cable from your Sky box to the Sky Broadband router. By this way, you do not incur any installation charges but you will have to make arrangements for your cable.

Wireless Self Set Up

In case your Sky +HD box and your Broadband router are located in separate rooms, you can always connect them wirelessly by going for the Sky Wireless Router which costs £60

For enjoying the Sky Anytime plus service, you should have subscribed to Sky TV and also to Sky Broadband. By signing up for the Sky Anytime Service through the Sky website, you can begin enjoying the service.

For availing the Sky Anytime Service you require

Sky TV subscription
Sky TV packs of your choice
Sky Broadband Ė Unlimited and Everyday
Sky HD Pack Ė For viewing HD programmes

The service has just been launched and there are few initial hiccups before which Sky customers can actually enjoying watching programmes through it. A point worth mentioning here is that the programme or move you select to watch has to be downloaded on to your TV box. This downloading data does get included in your broadband limit usage. Hence for this purpose opting for the Sky Broadband Unlimited is advisable for there are no caps on its usage limits. Moreover also do bear in mind that you need to subscribe to a particular pack whose programmes you wish to watch, for you will be able to download a programme on to your set top box but for watching it you need subscribe for the relevant TV pack.

It is estimated that video on demand services are likely to expand more than 50% in the coming decade and hence it makes sense to stay on par with the latest TV technology and enjoy it as well through Sky Anytime Plus service which is provided at no extra cost to its customers.

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