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If you know how to download free movies, you will be able to view movies online on your computer screen free of charge. Actually they are not free of charge, because you will have an administration charge to make for the software that allows you to do that, although that is generally a one-time life membership.

Most membership sites offer free burning software that enables you to download free movies and then burn the movies onto a writable DVD so that you can them watch them on your TV. So what kind of movies can you download? Much depends on whether you download legally or illegally. Many people don't know the difference and frequently get confused between the two. In fact there has been a lot of recent publicity about illegal movie downloads in respect of movie companies wanting internet providers to withdraw the internet service from those that break the law in that respect, but more on that later.

Let me make it clear right now that I do not condone people downloading free movies illegally, but that my purpose here is to outline the software available and the correct way to use it. So, first illegal downloads:

How P2P File Sharing Works

Anybody can learn how to Download Priest Movie - it's not rocket science and you don't need special equipment. All you have to do is access a file sharing service online that offers P2P file sharing software to enable you download free movies. The site will offer you the service plus support and burning software for a fee: mostly a lifetime membership fee. Pay the fee and you can start downloading there and then. Most sites also offer music, computer and video games and software downloads

Basically, when you access the software, you will be offered a search box where you can search by movie title, genre or actor. Not all are the same. When you enter your requirement you will see a list of results that meet your search term. Click on what you want, and the download starts to the directory on your hard disk of your choice.

What is happening when you Download Priest Movie is that your computer is being connected to the hard disks of other members that are online. If they have your title, the software recognizes that and when you click on it, the movie file is being downloaded from the other member's hard disk to yours. That's how P2P file sharing works. There are generally no problems, but there is one particular aspect of this that can make it illegal: if the movie, music track or game is still protected by copyright.

Since most modern work is protected, most free movie downloads are illegal, but not all. Many artists and movie makers offer their work for free download because they want to have it publicized and make their name. This is particularly true of music downloads, and was at one time one of the main uses of this software.

Obviously Duffy's latest hit will be protected, and will be illegal to download, but who's to know? Well, actually, the downloads can be traced, although the likelihood is about the same as you meeting your first teacher in a Hawaiian bar when you next go on vacation. In fact your plane is more likely to crash on the way there than you be found illegally downloading, although it does happen to some people.

Not, unfortunately, those that make millions by copying and selling them, but that is another issue. The long and the short of it is that you shouldn't download illegally although the software to allow you to do so is not illegal. Itís like a car - it's not illegal to drive it, but it is if you break the doing so. However, unlike the car, you are highly unlikely to be prosecuted for having the temerity to download movies. There is an alternative to illegally downloading movies however.

Legal Action Being Taken

The legal action so far has been taken against High School kids with their moms having to pay the fines. Is that fair? What about the moguls making millions selling pirated movies that they don't try to catch because the kids easier game? In any case only a miniscule number of the millions upon millions that download illegally ever get prosecuted. It costs more than it is worth.

The networks and internet providers that have been asked to withdraw internet access from those that do so have so far refused. No one has yet had their service withdrawn, and the worst that happens if that if you are caught you get a warning - then another -basically three strikes and out. So everybody now knows that they have one in a million chance of being found out, but to be found out three times?

There will have to be a stronger response than that to stop people. They tried to stop me providing software but it's not illegal. If it was I wouldn't offer it, but many use it for perfectly legal purposes and it should be available. If you use it illegally that is your choice - and the chance you take. I don't condone it, but you donít withdraw cars because people use them illegally! In any case, there are ways how to Download Priest Movie legally.

There are websites online that enable you download movies legally from large video banks. Just as you can hire videos online and have them posted to you, you can also download them as part of a video download membership. Again you pay a membership, and then have unlimited access to the pre-approved video bank.

In that way you can download movies legally, although most movies have already been on sale or on hire from video rental stores, and many people find no fun in that. In fact I firmly believe that part of the glamour knowing how to download movies illegally, is both the knowing and being able to do it, and the fact hat are breaking the law and think that they are getting away with something.

They might be right, but it doesn't make it legal!

For information on how to download movies and music check out Pete's website Online Movies but before downloading read his statement and web page about the legal aspects.

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