Virtual Phone Numbers for Global Call Forwarding

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Just as your website allows you to create an online presence on the Internet, virtual phone numbers allow you to create a local presence virtually anywhere in the world. With global call forwarding and a virtual number, you can help your customers no matter where in the world they may live.

What is a Virtual Number?
Unlike traditional phone numbers that ring to a specific phone located at your home or business, virtual phone numbers are not hardwired to a specific location. They are "virtual" in that they can be forwarded to the phone number of your choice. For example, if you have an office in Chicago but also serve clients located in New York, you could order a virtual number with a local New York area code for your New York customers to dial. Rather than going to the expense of renting office space in New York and hiring a customer service representative to take those New York phone calls, you could set up your virtual number so that any calls dialed will ring in your Chicago office. Your New York callers will not know that the number is being forwarded to your Chicago office.

How Does Global Call Forwarding Work?
Global call forwarding uses virtual phone numbers just as described in the example above. However, instead of reaching customers within the same country, global call forwarding uses international virtual phone numbers so that you can reach customers outside of your country. For example, if your Chicago office serves customers in Canada, it makes sense to obtain a local Canadian virtual number and have those calls ring in your Chicago office. Similarly, if you're expanding into the Japanese market, obtaining a Japanese virtual number and using global call forwarding allows you to create a local presence in Japan without the expense of establishing a local office.

Is Global Call Forwarding Just for Big Business?
While many enterprise organizations and corporations use virtual phone numbers, global call forwarding is a strategy that can be used by any type of business including sole proprietors, solo professionals, and small businesses. Calling rates for virtual phone numbers may even be far less expensive than you may think. In addition to low per minute global call forwarding rates, many providers of virtual phone numbers load their calling plans with free features such as "time of day" routing, rollover minutes, voicemail options, fax forwarding, and local ring tones.

Other Uses for Virtual Phone Numbers
Not only can you use a virtual number to create a local presence virtually anywhere in the world, if you choose a calling plan that allows you to change your destination number online, you could use it to make cheap international phone calls. If you use this strategy, make sure to change the destination number back to its original number once you've completed your phone call.

Global call forwarding is a viable localization strategy for companies of all sizes including small businesses. Simply establish a virtual number in the country you're serving and set it up so that all calls ring to your office or call center and begin connecting with international customers from around the world.

American International Telephonics offers cost-effective global call forwarding plans loaded with attractive, free features including: time of day routing, local ring tones, adjustable "wait times," voicemail options, local and toll free virtual phone numbers, fax forwarding, customized greetings, rollover minutes, and more. With month-to-month plans, you can try a virtual number without a long term commitment or annual contract.

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