Virtual Communication: Software or Sites?

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Software for internet communication are rather many and diverse. The number of their users rises with time and they seem extremely convenient. But however, it is far better to use them for communication with those whom you knwo well: friends, relatives, colleagues. But it’s good idea to get acquainted using safer ways of communication and in this case websites will be the best decision. Using website for getting aqcuainted with new people on the internet will prevent a lot of unpleasant situations. A person that you you have met recently can turn out to be not so pleasant as he seemed to be and can greatly annoy you. The trouble with using such programs is that the minute you are in the internet, a person sees it and has a possibility start sending you messages. Of course you can add to blacklist someone you don’t want to hear form, but it can not prevent him/her from writing you from another account. And this is the crucial disadvantage – the same as with the cellphone number you can be made to change your number/account to get rid of irritating person. But you can easily prevent it: communicate with new friends with the help of web sites and you will not have such troubles. Sites also protect your private information. If you use a social website, dating or live chat site, your ip address is securely hidden and those you are dating with can not find it out. It safes you from any accidents that are commonly connected with online communication. If you make use of sites – you are safe and can not worry about your personal information. Until you write your cell number or address yourself, nobody will receive it. If you make use of video chat for communication you can hear and see your partner, but in the contrast to such software as quip or Skype, you are still protected. The website protects all your personal data, because it is site’s server that is used for communicating and video. More than that, on quality web site, you are protected form spam and viruses. And if somebody tries to threaten you, you can immediately write the administration. Be certain the problem will be solved immediately. TBecause of it if for personal communication programs are right choice, for meeting new people on the internet, sites are surely better. Today there is a great number of web sites that offer you all essential services: chat, video chat and even video conference for communicating with a lot of people from different places at a time. Today there are a great number of cases, when crazy people want to meet online and if you want to feel protected it’s better to use special websites for virtual communication. Afterwards, when you get to know your new friend better you can give him/her your phone number, but only when you are sure you know your new friend well enough. In conclusion we must state that, making use of sites is the most secure method of getting acquainted with new people in the internet: they are safe and easy to use and give you a chance to meet with new people freely and without danger.

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