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Who would have thought of being paid on incoming calls when mobiles were introduced? Reaching not so far even if it is difficult to answer that how come the idea strike the mind if the popular brand Virgin which has completely revolutionized the way calling was made.

Virgin mobile became the talk of the town overnight when it disclosed the scheme of getting paid on each of the incoming call. Virgin has certainly made other brands spend sleepless nights and take out calculators to take estimate about the idea with which the profits are schemed. Virgin handsets are not only beneficial with the calling charges but are also quite handy and smart when they are used for calling. There are many things that these mobile models have and have added up to its preference over other similar mobile models.

To start with, let's check out some of expected and popular specifications of these mobile handsets. Virgin mobile boasts of having a captivating and binding design that has made easy for the mobile users to enjoy its easy portability and use. The mobile phones imbibe ultra-modern features, that are committed to endow class, style and perfection with each call.

Virgin Mobile have revealed the ways with which mobile can actually be upgraded and made advanced after shelling out just reasonable amount of money from the pocket. These mobile phones are stuffed modern and contemporary features that have encouraged the mobile users expect much more advancements and help else than just serving the purpose of calling.

Enjoy high speed internet and get connected to friends, family and professional clients without bothering about losing the touch. Latest Virgin mobile phones have music playing options in plenty. They have got MP3 player, FM record and video playback features that in a bundle make them love of millions.

Further the virgin Mobile Phones have got SD memory card support that enables the users to save files having different formats without being stressed up about them being trashed or corrupted. Certainly an alluring benefit that every mobile user would wish to have

Words fall short while praising the looks and other multimedia features embraced by these high-tech calling kits. Latest Virgin mobile phones can be said as smart work of mobiles designers who have very well researched and are very well aware of the need of sophisticated mobile users.

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