ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR Receiver from DISH Network for Greater Enjoyment and Pleasure

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In the United States, DISH Network has broadened the spectrum of entertainment to a great extent. With DISH Network’s innovative techniques, the audiences are getting extra facilities to enliven their leisure time and enhance their TV experience further.

DISH Network HD programming mode has created a theatre like ambience right in your living room. Isn’t that really interesting! One such development in the field of entertainment is the invention of the DISH Network DVR Receivers.

Is DVR DISH Network Receiver of any help?

DISH Network DVR Receivers are of great help for entertainment fanatics. You do not have to comprise with your shows and programs any more once you get a subscription for DVR DISH Network Receiver. Two TV sets can be operated at the same time independently. You can now watch the programs everywhere and anywhere with its additional advanced technicalities. ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR is one such example.

Are you interested in knowing about this DISH Network DVR receiver? Then read through this section. Hope it will be of some help to you!

ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR – This is a high definition SlingLoaded DISH Network receiver for 2 television sets. This HD DVR receiver connects to a high definition (HD) TV and also to a standard definition (SD) TV. Two viewers are facilitated to watch two different shows simultaneously! In addition to this, in-built Sling technology provides you extra pleasure by letting you watch TV Everywhere. You can now get programming in a mobile phone as well as on a computer device.

Do you want to record a show while watching another? You can record one program while watching another at the same moment. Isn’t that a great option? Again, you can record two programs at the same time when you are viewing another show recorded earlier. Nothing can be more gratifying than this! This DVR receiver meets the latest Energy Star standard of EPA.

The Features of ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR

1. You can see TV Everywhere – on a mobile phone as well as a computer.
2. This DVR DISH Network Receiver supports viewing of 2 TVs independently provided you have a remote control for each of the TV sets.

3. You get to watch one show while record the other.
4. Plus, while recording two separate shows simultaneously, no need to sit idle. Watch your pre-recorded show at this time. What is a huge facility!
5. You can pause, record and again play the TV.
6. This receiver provides the largest hard drive in TV industry – 1 TB hard drive to ensure more recording.
7. You can view around 50 both SD and HD programming.
8. The digital resolutions are 408i, 480p, 720p, 1080i
9. Dolby Digital audio quality along with defined picture.
10. PIP feature enables watching of 2 separate things on a single screen.
11. This receiver supports external hard drives.
12. You can see over-the-air HD and SD broadcast.
13. The VOD facility enables to choose from thousands of movies or shows.
14. If you have caller id with your local phone and if you connect your phone with the TV set, you can watch caller id with the history.

The state-of-the-art DISH Network receivers play a major role in bringing up high quality picture and sound output on your television. Moreover, you can also record a programming using DISH Network DVR receiver and watch it later at your convenient time.

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