Violin Bow - How to Properly Take care of Your Violin Bow

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Violin Bow - How to Properly Take care of Your Violin Bow

The violin bow is equally as important for creating beautiful, melodious music since the instrument itself. Whether it werenít for that bow, only pizzicato (plucked) music could be played in the violin, and the world wouldnít be able to enjoy the violinís full potential.

Because violin bows are essential to oneís playing, a great deal of respect ought to be shown to it. The bow isn't a sword to be played with, you shouldn't hit anything with it (such as the music stand), and it should be properly looked after and stored in the violin case you should definitely being used in order that it won't be damaged and be very durable.

When you are preparing to use your violin bow, tighten the strands by turning the screw at the conclusion from the frog to the right. However, be careful not to over tighten it or even the hairs will break easily during play. Because the strands are made from horse hair, never expose these phones any kind of cleaning chemicals as this will weaken them.

Keep a great coating of rosin in your bow strands. The rosin causes the hairs to stay towards the violin strings which produces its nice sound. If there isnít sufficient rosin on the bow then it'll make a screeching sound when drawn over the strings, or otherwise even catch the strings at all and simple slide over them silently.

You need to run the rosin cake within the bow strands a minimum of five or six times before each playing session and keep the bow rosined in between long playing sessions, for example during a concert. After playing for awhile, you will learn to inform when your bow needs more rosin by the sound it makes during play.

Periodically go over your bow and look for any damage. Keep close track of the full length of horse hair as it will require replaced every couple of months or longer based on how much itís used. Itís better to possess a professional alter the hair until you become more experienced in most things regarding the instrument.

Should you properly care for your violin bow then you definitely should get many years of satisfying use from this.

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