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The influence of media on the common people has always been a question of debate. Media experts feel that the masses can be influenced and the public opinion can be shaped with the help of mass media. This is even truer for dish network channels, as some studies and reports have suggested. It has been observed that viewers had a change of mind and their opinion was mutated when they watched dish TV channels depicting reality as it is. Global programs on the satellite TV channels have shaped the minds of millions of viewers all over the world on various issues related to human life, animals or the environment.

With the help of dish network channels, more people have access to the news and what's happening in countries and places across the globe. Viewers are more aware of the ground reality. They are awake to issues that confront us and humanity in general. Dish TV channels have boosted the concept of the global village, something that the internet could not have done single-handedly. The primary reason why direct satellite TV has such far reaching impact is that TV continues to be the most popular medium of mass information. With an increased number of people subscribers to the dish network system, they have access to information. The remote corners of the world have subscribers to dish TV.

There are so many issues that the world can talk about as one voice. There's global warming, there's the war, there are underprivileged children, there are refuges and there are terrorists. Satellite TV channels bring all these issues under one umbrella and offer us all a chance to take a collective shot at them. It informs and educates people to realize the dangers of inaction. Lots of social causes are being highlighted on direct satellite TV channels. People are offering their opinion on them and their voice is vox pupuli, the true democratic voice. What's more, it is not only these serious issues that are on the platter.

Dish network channels have changed the way we travel. We no longer depend on outdated guide books to plan out itinerary. We check out the local satellite TV channels to find out the places of local interest. We know more about the culture, civilization and the culinary habits of the locals. This knowledge helps when you actually visit these places. They add to the charm. You can try out all the global culinary items in your own kitchen as well. The entire thought process has evolved into a more mature and inclusive one. We are no longer unaffected by what is happening in the Middle East Asia and among the Indian students in Australia. It's like the dish network services bind us in one common thread.

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