Videophone usage

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Mobile phones are considered to be the best mode of communication. They are widely chosen by people who love to stay in touch. There are many kinds of mobile phones. While some are very easy to use, others are a little complicated with the varied features available. People have known about videophones since their debut. However they are not normally opted for as they think that it involves a lot of complications. Some find it difficult to concentrate on the call as external factors would be part of the call. While normal mobile phones have to be pressed to the ear to communicate, videophones have a better edge as they can be just held and looked at. This enables communication as both the speaker and listener are visible. The facial expressions can also be easily seen on the call. Also as both the parties get to view each other communication would be transparent.

There is bound to be an initial hitch in the usage of videophone. The 3G technology has taken the usage of mobile phones to a new level. With the options of video calling and video conferencing business transactions across have become easy. The distance is reduced by this means of communication.

Though the 3G technology is a very innovative and latest technology but it was seen that there are not many subscribers till a long time. It took a lot of time since the technology was launched to have enough users so that the facility of video calling could be used by the users. It is now seen that the technology has become widespread and there are many users of the technology all over the world.

Now, one can use their mobile phone and make a video call as easily as they used to make a voice call to anyone in any part of the world. All that one needs to ensure is that their mobile phone is a video phone. Different phones have different features but usually all that one needs to do to make a video call is to press a different key on the menu screen of the phone. When the user receives the call they have the option to accept the call as a video call or a voice call. One can only get a voice connection if they choose voice else one can make their video call.

Some people initially find it difficult or rather uncomfortable to use a video phone. Unlike a normal mobile phone, one needs to hold the video phone in front of them while talking whereas while making a voice call with the mobile phone, they need to press it against the ear. Another thing that one finds odd is that along with the picture of the person they are talking to, they also see their image on the screen. One tends to concentrate more on their own picture rather than concentrating on the picture of the person they are talking to.

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