Videophone- How to use Videophone Technology And The Pros & Cons

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Videophone- How to use Videophone Technology and the

Pros & Cons.

In this article we are going to show you a three ways to use a

videophone and the two types of videophone communications. Plus the

Pros and Cons of each.

The videophone is the next big technology shift from analog to digital phone

service. A new way of communicating is grow fast making these systems cost effective, dependable, and simple to use. People are quickly learning that videophone communication comes two a close 2nd to being there in person.

A videophone service is an economical solution to communicate state to state, or all over the world. Videophone use is similar to dialing a regular phone but with video and conferencing functions. Using a videophone you can literally see and hear anyone on the planet that has a videophone.

Three ways of videophone technology is used.

•Face to face- communicating with people from one location to

another. More for residential use but can be used for business.

• Video Conferencing- communicating with people in multiple

locations. Business and residential use.

• Audible only- can be use to call people with regular phone service

Different Types of video phone units

•Dedicated videophone unit- Compact phones with video screens

accompanied with service. These units are portable.


1. Conference with people from different locations

2. Runs on a secured dedicated network

3. Ability to project image on a larger screen

4. Ability to port existing phone number to videophone

5. No computer necessary

6. Easy to use- works like a regular phone


1. Depending on the service quality, the video portion of the call may very in quality.

2. Must have high speed internet

3. For other person to see you they must have a videophone

•Desktop videophone unit- Computers can work as a videophone.

Download software and add a microphone, video camera and

some speakers.


1. No need to travel long distances in order to see person

2. Conference with people from different locations

3. Use your desktop

4. Calls are free from computer to computer

5. Downloadable free software

6. No contract- pay as you go


1. Cumbersome

2. Both parties need active computers

3. Time consuming to make a call

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