Video Marketing Distrubution: Making Yourself Known

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According to Canadian social media statistics, word of mouth in present time spreads news faster than mass media. And mass media did not slack; word of mouth is just in hyper speed because of social networking and video sharing sites. In the Age of Information, when instant gratification is the trend and more people surf the web than watch TV, the best way to send and receive information on the internet is through video sharing.

Successful video advertising can raise your business levels higher than your competition. Video marketing online does not need to be too complicated; it is today’s best medium because it is the most cost-effective and it has the most returns.

Remember, though, that your viewers’ attention spans are fit only for varying rates of short bursts of information; posting a documentary-length video advertisement may not be a good idea. Also, the shorter your video is, the faster it can be downloaded and passed around. With short content, you have to be precise and straightforward so as not to confuse your viewers.

Your video does not to be a high-quality production. You just have to make sure that it keeps people watching long enough to get the message across. It doesn’t even need to be actual footage; you can make videos from Powerpoint presentations and the like. Used not only on the internet, a Toronto TV commercial for a company’s social responsibility campaign can use a presentation-like format and get the message across straightforwardly.

It helps a lot if you tag your videos with the best keywords that relate to your business. Many of the commercials Vancouver companies produce are uploaded on the web as well and they get more visibility from there because the tags are usually very specific. Your video’s incidental traffic depends heavily on the tags that you put, so strategize your tagging.

Finally, you do not have to be in just one video site. Google loves video content because it owns both Google video and Youtube. You will rank higher in search engine results, almost immediately, when you post in multiple sites because Google lists the same video multiple times when it is posted to different video sharing and social networking sites. I guess it is true that even the highest-rating Toronto TV commercial will never, at any point, get as much attention as your average online video advertisement.

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