Video Game Cafes - A Great Choice for Birthday Parties

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Parents trying to schedule a child's birthday party often have to choose between two unappealing options: host 25 screaming kids at home, or shell out big bucks to host a party at an outside venue.

A new Dayton birthday party locale offers a third option. Video game cafes are becoming hot spots for birthday parties for kids young and old at reasonable prices. "We understand that parents are trying to save pennies wherever possible," says video game café owner Greg Enslen. "Game cafes provide a location where kids and parents can enjoy themselves without breaking the bank."

Game Cafes typically offer a variety of activities for birthday parties:
Xbox, Wii, and Playstation games - all age appropriate
Card games, such as Pokemon or Magic
Dedicated party room
Pizza and cake options.

For parties of 15 or more, Greg's store is automatically closed - creating an exclusive private party option.

"Sometimes parents like to bring in just three or four kids," says Enslen. "We don't have a minimum requirement, so a small party is fine."

"Other times, we get as many as 20 or 25 kids and parents in. It's great to see everyone having fun, playing Rock Band or Lego Star Wars. The kids love it."

Greg's café opened in spring of 2008, and has been offering Dayton fun ever since.

Greg's store houses individual game stations of for PC, Xbox, and Wii games; tables for birthday parties; drinks and snacks; and retail items for sale such as Lego sets and Star Wars toys. Upstairs there's an area set aside for parents and friends of gamers to play board games, read or hang out.

"Sometimes it feels like there aren't a ton of things to do in Dayton ," says Enslen. "Especially if you're a teenager or a tween. We offer a safe, comfortable place for kids to hang out or have a Dayton birthday party. I like to think of the shop as a ‘Starbucks for kids.'"

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