Video conferencing A Trendy future

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As of now we cannot imagine an office with out internet, emails and the telephones. One can visualise that the day is not far when their will be no office with out Video conferencing. Video conferencing has been accepted world wide as an industry requirement tool which enables increased productivity.

Business- As the operational and establishment costs are now much lower, many oraganizations consider video conferencing as a business standard. Application of Video conferencing has totally changed the way of business communication. Highly efficient employees can be involved to settle many business dealings, quick training of the staff at the branches at a single go, technical solutions which involve higly experienced employees and awareness of day to day emerging trends in business .

Mobile Video conferencing The day opens with a new technology launched. The next day it is a requirement. In order to keep in trend with the emerging techniques training and learning has become a must. With the emergence of Mobile video conferencing one can attend any online classes with out sticking to the system.

Law Organizations involving many leagal matters which need to be resolved by eminent lawyers, at work stations far apart, involves lot of traveling, as security of the organization is involved, mobile video conferencing will be of greater use for such employees.

Education Whether it is lower or higher level of education, upgrading the faculty to the present standards is important. Application of Video conferencing in education can bring about teaching staff with better awareness of the changes in science and technology with updated versions.
WALTER LEWIN Professor of Physics, Emeritus, A person with his lectures can make the younger generations jump with joy. The way he teaches physics, the children who get his lectures are really very fortunate. With the emerging trends of Video conferencing their will be global class rooms where all the children around the world will be able to listen to great lectures.

Medicine - Diagnosis and routine medical advices in the rural villages is an acute requirement. Telemedicine and telenursing integrated with Video conferencing can become a technological boon in villages. The paramedical staff can be trained with interactions and discussions with highly proficient surgons and save lives in critical conditions with low cost and timely treatment.

Telepsychiatry is a technology where children and youth with many mental and adolescent disorders can take advices from eminent Doctors who are geographicaly miles away.

Health- Maintaining good Health involves good nutrition, proper hygine, regular exercise with a peaceful soul. People need regular advices from professionals. Healthcare integrated with Video conferecing can reach to any geographical location of the world. As we can see Ram Dev Baba teaching yoga, serving mankind with many solutions to physical and mental health problems.

And many other fields will be immensely benefited by video conferencing technology where networking makes reaching people all over the world making it a Global village.

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