Vertical and Inclined Wheelchair Lifts

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Vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts are meant for the elderly and the mobility impaired individuals. These systems can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.

It is virtually impossible for some people to move about in houses and buildings which do not provide ramp or elevator facility. In the case of houses, an elevator may not be a practical solution considering the restriction in space and the expense involved. Inclined wheelchair lifts offer the perfect solution in such circumstances. They are suited for straight and curved stairways and can be wall or tower mounted.

Vertical wheelchair lifts, also known as platform lifts, are preferred as these offer multiple benefits. They come in flip down and folding models and can be easily installed. Unlike inclined lifts, the vertical lift has a platform on which the person can position the wheelchair and remain seated as he is lifted up or down. It includes safety features such as under-platform sensors, handrail, emergency stop switch, anti-slip flooring and more. They can be used almost everywhere including houses and offices. Some of the lifts can also be used for entering and exiting vehicles. The lifts are durable, safe, quiet and cost effective.

Both inclined and vertical wheelchair lifts come in hydraulic and electrical models. Though expensive, hydraulic lifts are sturdier, more durable and offer enhanced performance. Electric lifts come with battery for use during power outages. They are cheaper compared to their counterparts but need timely maintenance.

Vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts are available in the market to meet every need and purpose of the user. The systems meet company standards and specifications. A leading supplier would have an extensive range of these products and would most likely install and offer maintenance services for the same.

Inclined wheelchair lifts are accessibility products. Vertical wheelchair lifts are a more affordable solution than ramps, for wheelchair entry in a public building or residence. Day Elevator and Lift provides a complete range of mobility products.

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