Verizon iPhone vs. AT&T iPhone. Whose service is better?

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The recent news that Verizon has been successful in its negotiations with Apple to begin selling its popular flagship smart phone device, the iPhone, has opened the doors to speculation about how the market will be affected. AT&T's monopoly over iPhone services is set to end on February 10. 2011, a date which will mark a mad scramble to win over the hearts and minds of consumers who are looking to purchase an iPhone. Enthusiasts of the iPhone are looking forward to this with much anticipation, and many consider it to be the next logical step in the marketing of this well-loved device.

Verizon's plans aren't completely known, but it seems certain that they intend to enter the marketplace with their best foot forward. It's already known that the Verizon iPhones will connect to the CDMA network, which may provide improved service, and that they plan to offer the new functionality of allowing iPhones to connect with up to 5 other Wi-Fi devices. The biggest rumored move, however, is Verizon's possible plan to allow iPhone users to select an unlimited data plan. This possibility was given some credence on the 9th of January after it was written about in the Wall Street Journal. If Verizon does, indeed, aggressively push an unlimited data plan, they will certainly set themselves apart from AT&T's current data plans, which are tightly capped, though less expensive.

Verizon has already been experimenting with the possibilities involved in offering unlimited data plans to its customers. Back in April of 2008, Verizon decided to begin offering these unlimited data plans to customers who were using certain selected smart phones. They met with some success, and have continued to offer these plans. Indeed, surveys have shown that these kinds of unlimited data plans are extremely desirable to consumers, who appreciate the safety net against going over a data limit. An unlimited data plan, if Verizon does apply it to the iPhone, may be a strong card in their hand in this competition with AT&T.

Some industry analysts have suggested that this may be a risky strategy, however. It could be the case that an unlimited data plan would cause Verizon's service to become too desirable, and to generate too much interest. If an unplanned excess of customers decide to sign up with Verizon, it may be the case that their network will not be able to adapt to the demands placed on it. If this were to be the case, the anticipated improved service from Verizon's network may never materialize, leaving many iPhone enthusiasts feeling cheated and frustrated.

Such a scenario, however, is probably too optimistic with regards to Verizon's chances of attracting a great number of customers. The move is expected to benefit the company, but neither Apple nor Verizon seem to be overly concerned that this move will be too successful for their own good. We must wait until February in order to see exactly how this competition is going to proceed, however, it seems certain that it will be fascinating to watch, and that customers can expect great benefits from new and increased competition.

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