Vegan Hair Color - What Are Your Options?

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If you have made the dedication to an animal-free life-style, you could be considering how to color your hair without compromising on your all-natural philosophy. There are many all natural hair dyes on the market, but only some will help you achieve a rich, glossy color that you would get in the standard hair salon. Vegan hair color products are built to coat the hair with rich color, instead of stripping the cuticle to deposit the chemical-laden color. This implies your hair will look and feel healthier, and you can attain a glossy, glossy look without causing damage to the hair and scalp. here is a close look at how vegan hair color products work, and why it may be time for you to make the switch to vegan hair dye : Chemical Coloring vs. Vegan Hair Color in the standard hair coloring process using hair dye made with paraphenylene-diamine ( PPD ), the hair must be treated with ammonia, ammonia salts, peroxides or amines to raise the pH above 8. This process opens up the hair cuticle so the artificial color can be deposited right into the hair shaft. While this can produce a tasty glossy finish, it also damages the hair. Another obstacle of this process is that PPD can cause allergies in some people. PPD is a carcinogen, explaining why doctors encourage girls not to dye their hair while they are pregnant. With vegan hair color products, you're able to color your hair without breaking it down before it soaks up the color. Vegan hair color products color over the hair simply without lifting or removing your natural hair color. These dyes also appear more natural, and can be a near-perfect match to your hair's natural pigment. Since vegan hair color is typically made with botanicals and vegetable elements, this type of hair color is also better for the environment. Key advantages of Vegan Hair Color Some of the key benefits of vegan hair color include : suitable for folks with PPD allergies Color can be more intense than chemical hair dyes Conditions hair while depositing color Color bonds to the hair shaft without damaging the cuticle little need for ammonia or peroxide Can highlight or deepen original color Produces natural-looking results Reasons to switch to Vegan Hair Dye Vegan hair color products offer a wide range of advantages for men and women of every age. many people ponder whether there is a link between pregnancy and hair dye, and recent research attests that pregnant girls should not color their hair with chemical products because the cancer agents and poisons can put the baby and mother in jeopardy for health Problems. Vegan hair color products such as the Act Naturals product line are made with a plant-based formula containing replaceable, sustainable ingredients. This patented formula is free of PPD, ammonia and resorcinol, which means your hair and scalp will be nourished only with natural, earth-friendly ingredients. if you need to achieve rich, beautiful color without damaging your hair - and also protect the environment - consider making the switch to a vegan hair dye. .

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