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VASER LipoSelection in Thailand is the latest technology in the breakdown of fat cells only (LipoSelection) without doing any damage to the adjacent tissues, particularly blood vessels and nerve cells around fat. Vaser helps reduce the swelling and bruising after surgery and the treatment works better than any other technique and patients recover faster than general fat removal.

How VASER works?
VASER is a technology that uses sound waves energy and sends frequency to damage specific fat cells which becomes in liquid form so the doctor can suck out of the body easily.

How it works?
1. Start with a mixture of saline injection into the fat layer to help the numbness, and less blood loss to start breaking down of the fat
2. The frequency of sound waves vibrates higher which makes the fat cells disintegrate into liquid by
releasing waves into other waves hence reducing the power consumption up to 50% compared to the first generation of sound waves.
3. After fat cells become liquid it is so easy to suck out the fat using specialized machine for sucking.

4. Then the skin will gradually Shrink back to its original state.
VASER Thailand LipoSelection Thailand, Who is suitable?
This technology suit:
• people looking fat reduction without exercise
• People looking for a safe fat removal with a single treatment
• People looking for a quick and less painful way to remove excess fat.
• People interested in reducing the excess fat in specific sections, such as hip or thigh, chin, armpits, etc..
Which part of the body can we apply VASER in Thailand?
VASER LipoSelection is compatible with virtually all parts of the body such as the abdomen, hips, knees, thighs, armpits, neck and chin. The pain in this procedure is minimal compared to traditional liposuction and when waking up after the surgery the patient is able to return home immediately.
Duration of recovery after Vaser in Thailand?
Period of recovery of the patient will vary. Some have gone to work it. Depending on the amount ä ¢ it was removed, but in general the timing of. Recovery is less than traditional fat removal.

Advantages of VASER in Thailand
• VASER is able to breakdown the fat in almost all the body parts.
• There is pain and a bruise after doing less.
• Blood loss during suction is minimal.
• Patients recover more quickly than traditional Liposuction.

For more detail, contact
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Beauty Med (Thailand) Co., Ltd
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Bangkok, Thailand
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