Various reasons and possible solutions for the Corruption of EDB file

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As we know that exchange server stores the complete database (Emails, Tasks, Jonurals, Contacts) into the EDB file format. These Exchange EDB files are much prone to error. The various reasons for the corruption of EDB files are discussed below:

1). Improper handling of the EDB file
2). Virus Attack
3). Improper Shutdown of the System
4). Improper Shutdown of the Exchange Server
5). Failure that occurs while transferring EDB file from one location to another may lead to the corruption of EDB file.

These are some major reasons which may corrupt our EDB file. Due to these corruption our EDB file becomes inaccessible. To make it accessible we need to repair the corrupted EDB files. We can use Eseutil Command to repair the EDB file. It works fine if there are minor corruptions in the Exchange Database file. The Eseutil with its parameter P is used to repair the Corrupted EDB file. The Syntax of PowerShell command is given below:

Syntax: Eseutil/p path-of-edb-file

Major Disadvantages of Eseutil Command:

The Eseutil command will remove highly corrupted page and hence results in the information loss. That's why many of the Exchange administrator don't prefer it.
The Eseutil command is time consuming. If the size of your EDB file is large you have to wait a lot to see the results and it is not sure that you will get the data that you want.

These are some major reasons due to which exchange server administrators do not prefer it. Here you have to go for third party utility that can recover your complete database within few clicks. One such utility that I have used is Exchange Recovery Software. The software is easy to use and don't require much technical skill, Every one who know the basics of computer can easily operate it.

Conclusion: -

In the article explained above, I have tried to make you understand corruption issues of EDB file and possible for the same. In case if you are facing any difficulty please comment below, we will try our best to resolve your query.

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