Various Kinds of Indication Indicate China's Tremendous Change

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China's diplomacy is facing an unprecedented change. Economically, from the GDP gross, we can know not long before china has became the second advanced economies in the world. But we Chinese people do not think this change will make any difference. On the contrary, it makes a great significance abroad.

China economy's influence on foreign countries necessarily can be reflected in the world power distribution. After china entered WTO, the role china plays in the world is becoming more and more important. In a certain sense, this means china begin to administer the world economic order in the economic field.

On the other hand, china still faces severe situation of diplomacy. This can be represent by every aspect. In economic, china's export-oriented economies is deemed to be responsible for global economic imbalances. Out of this reason, western countries inflict more and more pressure on china, especially the exchange rate of RMB. China's fast development is considered as competition of resource with other countries.

Since 2010, it has been taken great changed in china's relationships with Korea, Japan and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. In all these relationships, china's relationship with America is the most alarming. America is the strongest military power in the world and it pays great attention to its military power. So America made continuous military exercises in China's offshore recently. This made the relationship between the two countries tends to be adversarial.

Obviously, china is confronted with opportunity and hardship at the same time. So it is a problem of how to select. In other words, it is how to grasp opportunity and how to be on guard of hardship. Actually, the decision china will make will not only determine china's future, but also determine
The world power structure in the future. If the choice is rational or not will determined by wether china can know its status exactly.

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