Varicose Veins

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Unsightly and painful varicose veins donít have to be a permanent part of your life anymore. More and more people are suffering from this condition, and it is usually hereditary. Pregnancy can also aggravate these veins, and that maybe a reason why women are more exposed to varicose veins. The condition can also aggravate if you keep standing for a prolonged period of time.
Thankfully, these veins can be removed by treatment or surgery. It is not a major procedure, but be sure you consult an experienced professional in Minneapolis St Paul. During your initial consultation, your physician will examine your veins and try to understand how these unsightly veins are affecting your day to day activities. This is a good time to ask all those questions about varicose vein surgery. Once you have discussed with your physician about the expected results, he or she will then give you as many alternatives as possible, depending on the severity of the veins and your overall health. Sometimes a detailed ultrasound test will also be done so that your physician in Minneapolis St Paul will be able to determine the degree of your problem and recommend vein surgery. Once you have discussed and agreed on a final treatment, you can then schedule an appointment at a day convenient for you for treatment.

If you have decided on a Sclerotherapy treatment, these sessions usually take around 30 minutes each. But as you know, every patient is unique and the number of sessions required varies according to each individual. In general however, a patient will need six of such treatments. But remember to ask your doctor in Minneapolis St Paul, about your specific case. Sometimes, the best option for you maybe vein surgery.
Once treated, your veins may begin to show improvement even in a few weeks! But the result will become visible only after several months. More than 40% of adults above 30 years old suffer from varicose veins that are painful and unsightly. After treatment these unsightly veins will disappear, leaving you with healthy looking legs, and also the ability to continue your daily activities without pain.

Dr. Robert Reese of Vein Associates ranks among the top specialists for vein surgery Minneapolis Ė St Paul area. Dr. Reese is a board certified surgeon and he is also a member of the American College of Phlebology. Dr. Reese uses the latest technology and advanced techniques to provide best results to every patient. For more information please vist

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