Variable Speed Vortex Mixers

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Variable speed vortex mixers are now commonly used in most of the bio science laboratories. Their variable speed settings are suitable for effective mixing action, from slow speed shaking to high speed vortexing of precipitates and samples in containers. They come with two mixing surfaces for a range of mixing applications. A single lab mixer can perform multiple laboratory applications such as blending, homogenizing, emulsifying, dissolving, disintegrating and more.

Variable Vortex Mixers with Innovative Features

Variable speed vortex mixers with attachments help you to conveniently choose the suitable mixing action for every research application you carry out. They also give enough room for the containers and test tubes in various shapes, sizes and materials you use for the mixing procedure. These units consist of an electric motor with drive shaft oriented vertically and attached to a cupped rubber piece. They have a tough metal housing and provide a stable platform for any type of mixing application.

Automated Operational System for Optimal Performance

You don't have to keep watching the clock for switching off the device at the right time. Instead, these vortex mixers with variable speed are also provided with automatic operational system, where the system will stop automatically after a set time. There are choices for hands free operation or touch mode operation which help in automatic turning off. Touch mode operation usually functions for 1-60 seconds and hands-free mode for 1-6 minutes or continuously without set time. These facilities not only help you manage the timings but also increase the efficiency of the laboratory procedures.

Find Quality Dealers for Quality Products

Variable speed vortex mixers come with different specifications and features. These models, designed and developed by Scientific Industries are supplied through different dealers and distributors. You can get in touch with these dealers and find the best suited models for your labs.

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